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Few questions before I buy my First DE

Hello you all, first of all, I've been shaving with a straight for about a month and a half, and I'm very happy with it.
Now I would like to try using a DE, however I have a few questions before I buy one:

What would be the best razor to buy for a newbie? but also taking into consideration, it will be usable for a while (not something to learn with, and then having to buy a "proper one"... like starting with a shavette and moving into a real Straight).

Also I've read some blades are not so "forgiving" with ones technique... what would be good blades to buy?

And finally, I'm considering buying a Gillette (don't know which model), and I'm wondering are all Gillettes standard? (I mean I'll be able to use any Gillette blade with a Gillette razor?

here are 2 pictures of some models I've been looking at


DE blades are a standard size and will work in any DE razor. Derbies are a nice blade.
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yep, any blades go with any razor.

That first razor youve gota picture of is a tech, which is a very nice mild shaver - and great to start off with.
The second razor looks like a new. I prefer the new to a tech, but both a great razors. You may want to get something with a bit of heft to it since you are used to the weight of a straight. My new and my tech (ball end) are both light. If you go with the super-speed, I would suggest the red tip. It has some weight to it. Or if you want to try a newer razor, the Merkur HD is also very nice.


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If you had to pick between those two, I would suggest the first one, the Tech. You can always start with the NEW (second picture) but the TECH will be more forgiving. Also, as pointed out by Ray, a Superspeed is also nice. If you want something a bit more recent, you could go with a Merkur HD.
Superspeed and Derbys is a good starting point. Suggest don't buy hundreds of Derbys - you will probably want to try some other blades before stocking up. Consider a sampler after your first 10 or 15 Derbys.
A gillette tech which is the first picture you have there or a superpeed are 2 very good vintage razors for a newbie as the others have mentioned. If you wanted to go brand new, the Murker HD is also a popular choice.
All of these suggestions are good. Don't get too hung up on which of those razors suggested you pick from. You really can't go wrong with any of those that have been suggested. The idea of a sampler blade pack is excellent, too. It will give you an opportunity to decide for yourself which blade you like best. Good luck! And please let us know which one you choose, and how it works for you. :cool:
My suggestion would be to get a brand new Merkur - either the HD (which is the classic one that almost everyone here owns) or the 38c (the new, big one that some call "the sledgehammer"). Both are excellent razors that almost guarantee fantastic results if used properly. They will gleam and beam from the box and be ready to use. I love old Gillettes, and they are the most aesthetically pleasing razors ever, but I don't think they shave quite as great as a good Merkur. And Merkurs are still very nice to look at too.

You will not be dissatisfied with either of the two Merkurs I am talking about.
I own both the Tech and the NEW and like them both. However, I prefer the NEW because I have discovered that I want a razor a bit more aggressive. The learning curve is not difficult. I have a beard and have found the three-piece razors like the Tech and NEW to be easier to wield. The TTO razors that I own just seem a bit clunky to me.

Since you already use a straight, you no doubt have learned to be a cautious shaver. So, you shouldn't have a problem with a NEW.

Again, both are nice razors and not too expensive. You can get both and not be out much money. Besides, if you don't like the Tech you can always let your wife or girlfriend, if you have either, use it to shave her legs. My wife loves my Tech! She hasn't tried the NEW yet.

Either way, try a sampler pack of blades as others have suggested. Make to sure to eliminate as many variables as possible when trying different blades. In other words, stick with your already favorite shaving soap or cream. That way, you can give each brand of blade an honest evaluation.

Enjoy the shave!


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