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Fess up, who did this?

As an Italian by heritage, I wholeheartedly agree that gnocchi are far too important to misspell. Homemade gnocchi Bolognese . . . or a tomato cream sauce with some added ground beef or sausage . . . and fresh Italian bread to mop up the sauce . . .

Dangit, I'm hungry again. I need to make some of my mother's marinara sauce and freeze it en masse. Jarred sauce isn't even close . . .
Feel free to share that sauce recipe :wink2: this misspelling bothers me, am I too pedantic?!

Gnocchi Bolognese, now there's an idea, I've still got some duck ragu in the freezer
Mom’s tomato sauce recipe
Country pork ribs
Basil (mom used oregano, but to be honest I prefer basil)
Bay leaf
Red pepper
Olive oil
Tomato paste or pureed canned tomatoes (she used to use Hunt's. I prefer Muir Glen in general. Per Consumer Reports and Cook's Illustrated, most canned San Marzanos aren't as good as you would think)

Brown garlic then remove
Brown pork ribs then leave in (need fond/browned bits on bottom)
Add tomatoes, herbs and simmer, skim pork fat off. Use a touch of olive oil

I remember a huge stock pot of gently bubbling tomato sauce for hours and hours. A loaf of Italian bread from the Italian bakery, and some meatballs, and you have a meal. Sauce and bread . . . that's home. And homemade spaghetti with the same sauce, or al dente pasta . . .

The cost of this recipe - you must mercilessly hunt down and destroy any mushy pasta. If it isn't al dente, it is a travesty and a heresy.

Not that I'm opinionated! In my opinion, a real Italian restaurant is when you ask the staff if the pasta is al dente and the chef runs out of the kitchen with a knife, yelling and swearing as though you had insulted his mother and grandmother.
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