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Feedback on your favorite Uhle's blends

I am contemplating picking up a few blends from Uhle's. I want to know what your favorite Uhle blends are and why.
I was on a big Uhle's binge last month. I'm not so good at the "why" part, but Perfection Plug Burley, crushed white burley and bishop's move are my faves so far. Blend 00 is also great, but I found the perfection plug to be a bit more full in flavor, smoother and more balanced. The crushed white is lighter than the 00 and the PPB, but it has a wonderful, subtle floral note that I really enjoyed, and the bowl just kept getting more interesting. Hard to say too much about Bishops Move, since I've only had a couple of bowls, but it's definitely not just another English.. Very rich and complex, and also very balanced.. I'll smoke another bowl of it soon and add more here, if I can. Old Shoe was the only aro of the ones I tried that I'd consider reordering.. kind of a bourbon and coke sort of flavor, and not too sweet. I didn't find it as remarkable as the others I mentioned, though.
Finally a Uhle's smoker.....
Thank you for your input. I will make a "sampling order" in a day or two. Just trying to figure out their most popular blends.
On a separate note I just made contact with Jack Lee regarding his blends. They have received very good reviews.
I've got some Blend 300, Perfection Plug and Bishop's move. The Bishop's Move is my fav (I like English blends) of the 3 with Perfection plug at second.
I love Perfection Plug and 00, Crushed White Burley is really good too (has a licorice kind of top note to it, but it's not over done).
Brian Uhles has some terrific blends. I hate to say but some of there seasonal blends are even better than there line up you find on-line. I have my favorite blends. I can recommend one from each of the aromatic and non aromatic blends. My favorite Non aromatic blend is Bishops Move. This is a heavy English blend. Really smooth to smoke. I picked up a Fathers day blend from this year called Rise. It was fantastic. It is one of the finiest Va Per blends I have had to smoke. I don't smoke much Aromatics but I do have a blend called Old Shoe. This is great in a Missouri Meerschaum or any other cob. Very smooth but not to over powering with casing.

Stay safe..
These are the blends I ordered. I am looking forward to it.

Bishop's Move
Blend 300
Black Stoker
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