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February photo contest - - Winner--Bossies!

Bill has been quite busy so I'm taking initiative.

February's theme: Weather
Rules: you must be the photographer
One entry per person
Try to make the image a recent one.

Gentlemen, good luck.

First bloom of the magnolia tree. Defying the overcast the buds are trying to open.


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I have my shot planned out, I just need to wait for the weather to cooperate! I'm hopful my math is correct for my lighting though...

We don't get much weather in SoCal, but here's mine. This is the front to a little storm that blew through the San Diego area over the
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Steve & Mike, fantastic pics! :thumbup:

Nice to see another BC boy in the Darkroom. :biggrin1:

Thanks Celestino! Cheers. :001_smile BTW, my uncle's middle name is Celestino - his first is Antonio.

Thanks Celestino! And great shot Mike, that area looks familiar. Is that the road between Calgary and Banff?

Thank you, and you have the general area right, but it is on the Icefields Parkway beyond Banff. This was taken after leaving Sunwapta Falls early in the morning heading back towards Banff.

Great shot Steve. The processing is just other-worldly! :thumbup1:
Not the shot I had planned, but didn't feel it was right to artificially create weather conditions for a weather themed contest, so I took what was dealt to me. A nice cold morning tromping through the mud and cattails while on my walk to work to work. Glad I keep a change of clothes in my locker!

Fog. Duck in the mist.


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