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February 2024 Gentlemanly Restraint Until Month End (GRUME)

Day 22, 75.9% complete

Preshave: Hot washcloth
Soap: Mitchell's Wool Fat (Tallow)
Brush: Yaqi 24mm synthetic cashmere
Razor: GC.84 SB, Al Handle, Personna 74 #30
Bowl: Turkish copper
Post-shave: Nivea Balm

Back to MWF again.

Another reasonable social shave. I have to admit I'm looking forward to a fresh blade, though...

#14 in 2024 GRUYERE shave sabbatical - still in

#29 GRUME February 2024 - still in

Date: 02.22.24

Days growth: 9

Head and face shave

Razor: Gillette Fatboy

Blade: Bic Chrome Platinum (4)

Brush: Simpsons T3

Pre-shave: Hot shower using Johnson and Johnson on face and head with facial scrubber

Lather: TOBS Lavender

Passes: 3 plus pickups WTG, XTG, ATG Settings 9,5,5

Post Shave Routine and products:

1 - Hot rinse with microfiber towel X2

2 - Cold rinse

3 - Alum block

4 - Cold rinse with microfiber towel X1

5 - Aftershave: Mentos Hero

6 - Balm: LEA 3 in 1

Notes: Had a great shave after 9 days which almost never happens. The Fatboy on setting 9 was very efficient and though there was blade feel it was not aggressive feeling at all. The Bic Chrome Platinum did a wonderful job on the fourth use. I bought a 16 pack sampler of TOBS and the flavor today was Lavender, I’m going to put the sampler in the rotation of about 13 soaps, croaps, and creams. I love the performance of the T3 and it’s hard to not favor it. This was a very comfortable and close shave. I’m very happy with the shave.

Quality: 9

Comfort: 10

Enjoyment: 10

Overall: 9.6

Still in!

Friday, February 23, 2024

Pre-Shave: Kiehl's Age Defender Exfoliating Cleanser / YBN Glycerin Skin Care
Razor: Mühle R89 DSC Destroyer handle
Blade: Wizamet Super Iridium (2...and done)
Brush: Mühle Purist Silvertip Badger Ebonite
Bowl: DSC scuttle
Cream: TOBS - Tobacco Leaf (sample)
Alum: Osma Block
A/S: Pinaud Clubman Special Reserve (decant)
EdT: Fées - Reims Vetiver

Started Friday with a two- pass CCS with the Mühle R89. No nicks, no weepers, no irritation. This was a fast shave on auto-pilot, almost nothing can go wrong with the R89.

TOBS Tobacco Leaf Shaving cream lathers exceptionally good, almost too easy even with the badger brush. An interesting observation, the cream seems to disappear in a warm scuttle, but it is very much still there for lathering.

The alum block provided only minimal feedback today and the Clubman Special Reserve does get better over time in the glass bottle.

Today's shave was completed with the EdT Reims Vetiver from Fées, an obscure but quite nice fragrance from Taiwan.

With that... off to the weekend.
366 daily shaves

Mühle R41Gillette Bleue (4)Omega Lupo
Cold splash
KCG Face Wash
Barrister + Mann Leviathan
Cold splash
Proraso Green

PassesWTG XTG ATG and touch up
(details here)
Quality / My process
9.75/10 (Significantly Consistent)9.0/10
(Minor redness)
EffectivenessComfort / Blade condition


Summary. Despite my musings yesterday I changed my razor as I felt more stubble than days before. I drew blood in one place, but overall a slightly better shave. Not by a lot compared to the R89. Interesting.

For extended shave notes click here.

Enjoy your shave!

auto-pilot, almost nothing can go wrong with the R89.
Absolutely agree. Just a great razor.
In on day 23:

Pre-shave prep: shower, hot towel
Pre-shave: Grooming Dept Citrus
Razor: RR GC-76P
Blade: Astra Superior Stainless (6)
Brush: EJ Silvertip
Shave cream: Haslinger Sandelholz
Post shave: warm water rinse, alum block, cold water rinse
AS: Haslinger Sandelholz Balm

Have a blessed day.

SOTD February 23rd 2024
🚀 👩‍🚀 👽 👾
February 2024 GRUME
The 15th Annual One Blade in February Challenge
Fatip Friday

Hello friends

The sun shone again. In his honor, I chose MdC Original which produced a splendid lather in my Semogue SOC Mistura. My little great friend Il Piccolo, equipped with Gillette Nacet (11) from the eleventh OBIF shave, filled me with joy by making me realize at 65 years of age that old things can be great. For the first time I used the same blade eleven times and what a surprise to discover that even though it lost a little in sharpness it gained a lot in smoothness.

What a wonderful shave, friends!

I finished very well with Pinaud Clubman Classic Vanilla.

With us, Frank Rosolino's fantastic trombone.

Rating: 10

Have a nice weekend and great shaves!

Shave #21
- Still In -

This morning's shave started off with a novel idea to use one of my first brushes; the VDH Boar. Mid way through the lathering process I remembered why this brush has been relegated to desk duty for the longest time; at least 6 bristles lighter, I decided to call it and summoned the 1305 to close out the shave. Marvelous brush it is...

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