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No matter the season, no matter the weather the hunt should continue....

Visit the familiar places, seek out new ones, always searching for the elusive find ... and, you never know, you may stumble on that special something because ...

The Scores do await, whether in the wild and online. And when you find one, oh does it feel so good!

And Gents, when you snag one please let us know.

Because, we all want to see and think ... Lucky Dog! I need one of THOSE....
My wife was helping a friend clean out her mothers accumulation of assorted 'stuff' yesterday, and found this 75' SA. Knowing my BOLO for and seeing this ended up being gifted. Thankyewverymuch! After a scrubdown and lube (Ed's Red), first shave this morning.


Mail call
Wade and Butcher 1/2 hollow
SawDust Creations The Ritz (Bobby Moffett
Chisel & Hound Buffalo Valley(Rob Moffett)
(Cool to have a brush from Father and son)
Stirling Lemon Chill
Grizzly Bay Scorpion Evo

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