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    'Tis the midst of winter my friends and many of us have been through a real cold spell as they say. Oh well, all is not lost....

    As the winds howl and the snows blow button up your parka, add the wool scarf and winter gloves and spend that extra hour or two on the hunt, visiting the familiar places and perhaps seeking new ones you could discover in search of the elusive find ... and, you never know, you may stumble on that special something because ...

    The Scores do await, whether in the wild and online. And when you find one, oh does it feel so good!

    And Gents, when you snag one please let us know.

    Because, we all want to see and think ... Lucky Dog! I need one of THOSE....
  1. The wife didn't like scent of the Dr. Harris sandelwood I was using so she picked these out for me. She says she likes the Wool Fat, Swiss Pitralon the most. I think I agree, although I think the Dr. Harris soaps lather up a little better. The Windsor scent is nice, but a little strong. Probably best used either the soap or the aftershave, but not both together.

  2. Still in the mail, but here is a new display shelf project. [​IMG]

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  3. So it's been quite the month so far. Here's a combined mail call received in February. A couple buys, a couple trades, and a couple generous PIFs later it seems I now have a shave den.

    Hi, I'm Dave and I'm a wet shaver.[​IMG]

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  4. Probably my No 1 Shaving Product discovery of 2018 - Cold River Soap Works Moisturising Aftershave.
    Alcohol free; it is a thin emulsion with a truck-load of the better skin care ingredients. It has a delightful light fresh barbershop fragrance.
    It is supplied in a spray bottle which atomises beautifully - 4-5 light pumps and your entire face and neck is lightly covered.
    Stocking up :001_rolle.

  5. So scored a $5 Fatboy and the Gillette case at the West Palm antiques show yesterday and my Gibbs finally arrived from France.

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  6. Amazing...

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  7. That is one nice haul, Dave. Some fine soaps there. Currently, I'm doing a month of shaves with the FAT; really an excellent soap. Razors aren't bad either....
  8. 28mm Paladin Falstaff with a WHE5 knot. RSCN2558.JPG
  9. Been searching a while for one of these black handle Rotbart Mond-Extras. The case is a nice bonus![​IMG]

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  10. Happy Days - some recent NOS vintage blade acquisitions, including Gillette Swedes, Gillette Bleue Extra, London Bridge, and Iridium Super (Made in Poland).


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  11. Razorbox1.jpg Razorbox2.jpg Razorbox3.jpg Razorbox4.jpg Razorbox5.jpg A beautiful razorbox with strop and hone, i think the stone is a Thuringian/Escher/Schwedenstein... Honed on it and shaved, gives similar edge as my other Thuringian hone.
  12. yepp, i have started a light restore of the razor that came with the set. i think it will come out quite ok. did another score on some mystery stones, both of them is mottled thuringians one can be saved the other i haven't figured out what to do with it... as a slurrystone maybe.
  13. The left one is a sandstone, i think a gotlandsbryne, the middle one washed is a green mottled thuringian i guess, and the one to the right is a mottled black thuringian i guess. The black is lapped on one side now and i have testhoned on it, gives similar edge as my marked thuringian hone.
    The middle one is quite beat up, if i lapp it more than half the stone will dissapear, i will use it as a slurrystone and try to straighten it in the process.

    mystery stones.jpg
  14. Cleaned up they look like this
    IMG_20190224_235355.jpg IMG_20190224_235350.jpg IMG_20190224_235344.jpg IMG_20190224_235317.jpg
  15. Curious for more info on the box. Is it Swedish too? Any markings on it? Any idea what kind of wood?

    Also, what model Heljestrand is that?
  16. I have found a post in an other forum a person that did a journay to germany where they mined the stones. There they sold boxes like this that was used as pencilboxes. It was the same ornaments on the box with the same lid. It was in the area where thuringians/eschers/schwedenstein where mined. Some qualitys of the stone was also used and sold as blackboards. The heljestrand is unmarked. I think it is a 5/8. I will measure it and see.
  17. I've been chasing this soap for some time - delighted to get my hands on a couple of pucks.
    Yet to shave with it, but the pucks smell divine.


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