February 2019 Challenge: Landscape - A Tree

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    Landscape - A Tree = Some of the most famous landscape photos in the world feature a tree. This month it is time to draw upon all that artistry from the past and see what you can do. The challenge is simple, just shoot a landscape that features a tree as the main element. As always, have fun!

    Monthly Photo Challenge Rules
    ◦ Winner of the previous month's challenge picks new theme and starts thread.
    ◦ You must be the photographer.
    ◦ One entry per month.
    ◦ Try and make the image a recent one taken specifically for this challenge.
    ◦ Competition runs until the 19th of the Month.
    ◦ Voting runs from the 20th - 26th.
    ◦ Voting is open to all forum members so please vote, the more voters the merrier.
    ◦ When voting, please clearly indicate - Voting for Post #...
    ◦ The person with the most votes is the winner.
  1. I will kick it off..... Mossy Oak in New Orleans.

  2. Does this count?

    Tree (2).JPG
  3. Both of those are great! On-theme and well done. Good start to this month's competition.
  4. My entry.

    "Ghost Of A Fallen Warrior"


    This tree broke in half during hurricane Sandy.

    Canon 350D modified for infrared, EF 28-105 f/3.5 MkII with 720nm filter, manual exposure, custom white balance. No processing except conversion from RAW to jpeg with ufRAW.
  5. Lone tree on Dartmoor
  6. Very nice, I wish I could find isolated ones like that but around here you can't see the trees for the forest. :)
  7. Great shots so far!
  8. 'Withered Dreams.' I just shot this closeup of a dead tree in my backyard from out my window a few hours ago.

    Sony Cybershot DSC-H300 in Night Scene mode.

    Withered Dreams.jpg
  9. One of Colorados stand of Bristlecone pines apps. 11000 ft.

    Attached Files:

  10. That Bristlecone pine is a good shot.
  11. Waxing moon
  12. shm


    My entry for this month

  13. Not a lot of opportunity to get out this month. Here's one from the rear window this past weekend.

  14. Here is my entry for the month. I left at 3:00 AM and drove for over an hour to reach this location. The temperature was -1º F and the wind was blowing about 15mph so it was really cold and my fingers kept going numb when working the camera. The final image is 7 vertical images that are stitched together to create a pano. 20mm f/1.8 lens at f/2.2, 13 sec, ISO 4000.

    Final_Panorama3 copy.jpg
  15. I cant believe I've missed another month! I REALLY need to get out of this overtime world and enjoy myself if even just a little bit!

    Anyway, #3 gets it for me this month, Very Nice!
  16. I vote for #6--Ninja. Great composition, soft colors, creates a good mood.
  17. troy

    troy Ambassador

    Looks like I missed the deadline too. The weather and my free time just never quite lined up, oh well lots of great shots to choose from anyway. Great entries everyone!

    After much consideration my vote goes to Ninja Post #6
  18. So many nice entries this month makes for a difficult choice. I vote for shm Post #13.

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