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Feather Wing razor?

Anybody know anything about an inexpensive TTO razor out of Thailand known as a Feather Wing? If the seller on everybody's favorite auction site is to be believed, they're made by the real Japanese Feather company, but it sure looks like a garden variety Weishi or Vincent to me.
Just in case for those like me who doubt if this is Feather's razor or not I post this:

On Ebay I found such item: http://cgi.ebay.com/Feather-Wing-Do...=UK_Health_HairRemoval_RL&hash=item5ade04d9ba . Could you tell me if it is really your production? Thank you!

Dear Mr...

Thank you very much for your e-mail dated February 14, 2011 through our

Regarding your inquiry, as we saw the website in your e-mail, please be
advised as follows.

We are sure that this is not our product.

The blade packet attached to the razor looks like our product, but please
note that we cannot be sure if it is our genuine product by just looking
at it on the website, as there are imitation products around the world.


Best regards,

Tsuyoshi Ishiyama

URL : http://feather.co.jp
Hi, first post, just bought one of these cheapies out of curiosity, and as much as i am against waste, this piece of crap went straight into the bin. I would guess it's plated plastic much like kid's toys etc. Even an old chinese made flying dragon leaves it for dead.:blush:
Kicking up an old post:

I searched the manufacturer ID of the EAN-13 code (4902470), from a screenshot of an actual barcode of a Wing razor being offered at Ebay.

The full EAN-13 code, as shown in the Ebay listing, is 4902470 011103.

The manufacturer, according to the labeling, is:

Feather Safety Razor Co, Ltd
53 10075
Osaka, Kita-ku, Osaka City Oyodominami 3-3-70

So either the barcode does not correspond to the actual razor, or there is a relationship between this razor and Feather.

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The barcode doesn't point to anything specifically. I feel like the Chinese made this and used part of Feather's barcode "4902470"XXXXX

The TTO looks exactly like a Weishi and then they also have a bunch of other 3 piece razors.
I indeed believe that the barcode does not correspond to the actual razor. That would make it fraud, because the Feather manufacturer id is in there.
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