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Feather RG, impressed.

I picked up a kamasori style RG off BST a while back to potentially carry while traveling. After more than a dozen shaves I can comfortably say, Holy Crap! This thing gives smoking shaves. None of the nostalgia or romance you get from your favorite straight but the shaves are great. Smooth & close. The professional blade work great for me while the supers are just too close. I don't need all lithe weepers. I'm not giving up my straights any time soon but this was an unexpected success. Defiantly worth a try if you have the opportunity.

I may need a stainless...
I have to agree, fantastic shaves are to had from these Feather razors. I have a folding SS and without fail it gives up very nice shaves.
I have all the Feather straights, but I find the RG to be the one that gets the most use. I like the bit of extra weight on that one.
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