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Feather Pro Blades feel dull to me!

Just had my first Artist Club shave with a Feather Professional blade. Yes, I need more time and shaves to get it down properly, but I know what a sharp blade should feel like. The only thing I can think of is that it was my pre shave oil causing the tugging and dragging. Any one else experience this?
I use the Feather Professionals in my AC SS, and they're definitely not dull. I always get a great shave with the Artist Club SS.
I don't use a pre shave oil, so I don't know if that could be the problem. Are you sure your angle isn't too steep?
More than likely (I would almost guarantee it) your angle was too steep. Hold it so the edge is no more than one or two spine widths away from your face. As shallow as you can go and still cut hair. This goes double for the ATG (when you try that). Make sure when going ATG that the blade is almost flat against your face.

Also, (this is overlooked by many) make sure you are stretching the skin, pulling in the opposite direction you are doing the stroke and in areas that you can't readily pull the skin puff out your cheeks or pull your mouth sideways to keep the skin flat.
I can't imagine these blades, properly used, feeling "dull." Typically you barely wipe away the lather with this razor, while the razor is almost hovering above your well-stretched skin, just barely making contact. It should not pull or tug.
The Feather Pro's are my favorite of the Feathers. However I'm sure that not everyone is going to feel the same way. As with any blade, one members best may just turn out to be another members worst. The same blade is not going to work the same on everyone. I don't like the Feather guard blades at all, but some members rave about them. Try all the different Feather blades, and also try the Kai blades. The Kai's will fit your Feather razor.
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