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Feather Popular Razor

I bought this razor last summer on a certain online retailer. I bought it for less than $10 and it got delivered to me in two days. What a steal! It also comes with two Feather blades. The razor is really light and mild. I haven't used the Feather blades yet, but the razor worked really well with my mainstays i.e. Personna Lab, Personna Med Prep, SuperMax Titanium. I didn't get any nicks, cuts, or irritation of any kind. I would recommend this razor to anyone just starting or a very experienced user. It's not less than $10 anymore, but it's still very affordable and you won't be out much money if you don't like the razor.

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The popular is really great.
Very precise mechanics, very mild.
If you like a mild shave it's a very good Option.
I would compare to Rockwell 6s @R2...

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I have one. Beautiful razor! In it, the blades last longer. I sometimes increase aggressiveness by letting go of the wheel in half a turn. I wish you a good shave! Sincerely, Eugene.
I had one years ago and sold it to a shave buddy who now uses it daily. It is an excellent razor that can easily give a DFS with a top tier blade and good technique. What I most enjoyed about it was how easy it was to use on the chin around the mouth w/o fear of any cuts/weepers. One day I may get another one.
It's well build , precise , don't need an arm and a leg to obtain it , and if you pair it with a sharp blade (feather, Kai, Bic Chrome etc) it can provide a good mild shave.
BBS is not as easy with this fellow but for a decent DFS it works like a dream.

I've pifed a lot to friends as a starter pack, and personally it's one of my best travel razors.
As a recent convert to DE shaving, about a month, I tried a Vikings Blade Chieftain first with the supplied Mild Sandvik blades, then Astra's and Derby's. After 3 weeks of abuse to my neck, I tried out a Feather Popular with the supplied Hi Stainless blades and it has now become my daily driver. I have found with it's light weight of 34.2 grams it is very easy to find the balance point just under the tightening nut.
Very easy to get a CCS with no irritation.
I can't ask my dad for shaving advise so I came here
I love this razor. This is my go to travel razor. My 14 yr old son is learning to shave on feather popular.

I like the light weight and simplicity. It works great. It is a mild razor. With the right skill it will lay waste to your beard and produce the coveted BBS.

Performance far exceeds price. This is a high value razor.

I always take this razor when I travel for two reasons
1. Easy to replace
2. Inexpensive

Ooooh damn - there are three. Three reasons I always take this razor when I travel
1. Easy to replace
2. Inexpensive
3. Good shaver

Oooh just start over. I’ll do it again.
1. Easy to replace
2. Inexpensive
3. Good shaver
4. Always gets through TSA with a blade loaded!

I bought one about 2 weeks ago to use for travel. It is so good with Wilkinson (Germany) blades that I have been using it exclusively. It is THAT good!
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