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Feather Light Blades = Useless

Just got back from my late night shave and tonight i decided i'd give the light blades a try seeing as i've only used them twice before when i was just starting out with my SS. This time i thought it would go fine seeing as i've got plenty of experience under my belt, i was wrong. I started up my usual first WTG pass, now this is where the Professional blade shines, not in this case. after shaving all the cream away, i had a feel and the light blade had barely touched any stubble (2 day growth). Immediately i switched the blade for a pro one and hey presto i got a BBS! the light blades exposure seem to make it only glance over the top of the hair and then if you go steep with your angle you end up scraping into skin. I still cannot understand how this is advertised as "mild"

Anybody with a Artist Club razor should solely stick to Pro & Super blades IMO
I didn't enjoy shaving with them either. The blade exposure when used in the SS is way too low, causing a real unnatural shaving angle.

I PIFed a whole pack after the first use.


Wiped out at 25
The SS holds the blade deeper in the head, so I can see why the lights would be harder to use. In the AC there are not bad, although I prefer the Kai Titans myself.
I think the Lights were conceived to give a similar effect in a regular Feather AC that the SS provides with the Pros: reduced exposure for a given cutting angle.

Im not surprised they didn't work very well. The Lights also don't work in a KAI holder, as they also hold the blade deeper in the head.
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