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Feather DE First Impression

I used a feather DE for the first time this morning.

Immediate impression as I started N-S on my right side burn area: 'Wow. That thing is cutting my whiskers like butter.'

However, the overall first impression: 'I haven't had this much irritation under my jaw and on my neck since I started wet-shaving.'

And on top of that, the shave below the jaw and on down was very sub-par... so irritation and stubble remain.

Now, this is only a first impression and I'm a big advocate of a the Importance of a 2nd Chance so I will keep at it and see what happens.

Merkur HD
T&H Rose Cream
Had a nice close shave yesterday. (I think this might be the biggest factor. This could be a blade that should be used on a few days of stubble on the first use.)
I've never had a problem with a new blade on one day's worth of stubble. That being said, different people have different skin characteristics that may or may not allow one to tolerate a new Feather blade. I have found that Feather blades are scary sharp and not forgiving. You may have to modify your technique when using a Feather. Being too aggressive with a Merkur is one thing, and your skin may be able to tolerate it...being too aggressive with a Feather can lead to major irritation. I'd suggest trying to use a different blade angle when shaving with the Feather, and remember NO PRESSURE! Hopefully your shave will go better with the Feather the second time around. Be sure to let us know how this develops.

You mentioned maybe using a different blade angle? I assume you mean flatter? (Trying to maximize my shaves from a feather at the moment also). I do try to keep my DE as flat as I can get it as a rule, but it sounds like maybe with this blade I should try extra hard? Thanks,

Yeah....flatter might be better. Only you can tell for sure with your face. Try to spend more time being sure to really go slow with the Feathers till you get the hang of them, but once you do, oh man what a shave....nothing better. But of course, one man's treasure is another's poison.
rschul2 said:
...nothing better. But of course, one man's treasure is another's poison.

Well, poison might be a bit strong, but, yeah, not a fan.

My philosophy - if that blade treats you bad, move on to another. Try them all, see which one works for you. Some people love Feathers, others (like me) not so much. I like Derby's, they work really well on my face, but there are those here at B&B that simply can't use them.

Seek your own truth grasshopper - and that truth will set you free!


rtaylor61 said:
So, are you using a Feather Razor, or a Feather razor blade?


Feather blade in a Merkur HD. While I will try one again, I have now moved back to the Derby blade which seems to treat me better.

The Feather felt sharper, but at the end of the day the shave was no better than the Derby (I mean BBS is BBS right?) but the Feather required me to a lot more careful and I would still end up with irritation on my neck. The Derby allows me to be less careful and still provides me with a BBS shave with no irritation!
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