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Feather blades redefine BBS

So after having two BBS shaves (one with irritation, one without) -- both with Derby blades, today I tried a feather blade.

Heart hammering, mouth dry, madness in my eyes, I built up the lather, and trembling, put the feather into a 60s SS. Getting the feather out of its paraffin wrap, I almost chickened out -- the feather stuck to its wrap and I was afraid I'd slice open my thumb, but I finally got it into the razor, hands shaking.

And then: the easiest, best shave ever! With two days of stubble, badly prepped, even!

I tried to have a very light touch, but towards the end got overly cocky, swiping the razor with abandon, not always relathering a patch. And still no damage. My problem areas (lower lip) were problem areas no more, though I was scared enough to alimentarily process bricks :scared:.

I think Shaveblog's portrayal of the Feather as a chest-thumper's blade is basically wrong [1]. I wonder if it'll be easier to build up better technique with a sharper blade. After all, a reductio of wetshaving is "find the sharpest blade and the irritation will go away" (other factors exist too, of course).

Although I used a very light touch, I hate to think of blood spilled if the blade skipped! I still count myself lucky to have survived.

Question: has anyone had a good experience with Feathers and the 1940s Gillette Superspeed?

And anyone want 95 Derby blades cheap? :rolleyes:

[1] Though in all fairness, he deprecatingly admits to being a "shavegeek", a "pathetic injector fanboy" and even uses Feather blades himself, albeit the straight-razor ones (arguably more outre than Feather DE blades).
Don't rush out to sell those Derby blades too soon. Sure as you do, you'll wind up buying more! One of the great things about shaving is the endless combinations of products available. If you search through the archives, you'll find gents mentioning that the "Feather was great in a HD Classic, but chewed me up in a Gillette". Your experience with blades will vary from razor to razor. Regardless, glad your experience was a good one. Personally, the Feather falls 3rd in line behind the Derby and the Israeli Personna.

Righto -- good advice. And right now I'm still in acquisition mode, not letting-go mode :wink2:

I just read one opinion saying Derby's work well in Slants, and another that said Feather's don't work well in Superspeeds.

I'm guessing feathers work better with more 'aggressive' razors like later Superspeeds, Merkurs (esp Futurs) but don't work at all well in 40s Superspeeds.

Has anyone experienced this?

Also do you rank Israelis as better than Derbys?

You will find that combinations suggested work for that individual who posted the combo- remember, they are guidelines (suggestions, if you will) that others have found out about and are willing to share their experience.

Keep the Derbys as Randy said and as you are still in acquisition mode-you will find the razor that brings out the best in them. (Resistance is futile!) The only way to find out if Israelis are better than Derbys is to buy some or purchase Letterk's sampler pack.

No matter what anyone else says( me included), remember, YMMV!

This is just one (more) way that I'm the oddball around here. I just could NOT get Derby blades to work for me in any of my razors.

Granted, I tend to be a Feather/Slantbar guy, but I do love the Personna Twinjectors (when I'm feeling "injector-ish") and also the Israeli blades in my Progress. The Israeli blades where night and day different in the same razors than the Derbys...

But, as has been said before: different strokes for different folks.

I already have LetterK's pack -- and found the israeli blade to be quite "rough". But I will give them another try. With all the combinations of prep, brush, blade and razor (not to mention injectors and SE blades) it's quite bewildering getting the same shave twice :eek:

And overall the reviews for the Derby's (review thread) were better than the israelis. Perhaps the israeli will work better in a 40s SS which should be here TOMORROW :rolleyes:

The SuperSpeed is a less agressive razor (compared to the Merkurs) and, for me, does well with a sharper blade like the Feather or Swede. That said, I also get great shaves with it and the Derby combo.
I use Feathers and Derby (primary blade of choice) in both my HD and 1940's super speed. My best shaves seem to come from a Derby with some manner of soap (QED, Momma Bear) while the Feathers respond best to a creme. This could turn around next month, but for now that's how it goes for me.
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