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FEATHER AS D2 - Shaving Excellence!

Having been a SR enthusiast for many years, I have always struggled with shaving my head with it. I have had more than a few goes with it, but the shaves have always been risky business, so 99.9% of the time I have reluctantly pulled the 3-blade Gillette out of the medicine cabinet to get the job done. This has worked with low-lather watery soaps just fine up until this point. Recently however, I have upped my SR game with a better brush that lather shaving soaps properly, and have bought some higher end shaving soaps which, when used along with the disposable razor, clog the disposable up within the first inch or so of the shaving stroke. So, what's a man to do? Enter DE head shaving. I actually did quite a bit of study before deciding to go with a Feather AS D2...mild razor, close shave, works properly with the better shaving soaps, excellent craftsmanship, stainless steel. The only box the razor didn't really check for me was that of price. Even on sale at the zon, it was still $175 + tax. In comparison to the Merkur razors, this was a tough pill to swallow, but I decided to treat myself to an early Christmas present.

Mind y'all, this was the first DE shave of my life, so I decided to start with my face. It was a true pleasure to shave with, and the razor performed beautifully. The result was a close two-pass shave without nicking, chipping, or creating a red slurry. So, I moved onto my noggin with the same thick lather (Wholly Kaw King of Oud) that I used to shave my face with. Again, no nicks, chips, or red slurry. To say that I am satisfied with this razor would be an understatement. I am now a convert for head shaving with a DE. I am still spoiled with the closeness of SR on my face, but DE is now my new go-to method for head shaving.

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I agree with everything you just said, and might I add, I also found the 175 a bitter pill to swallow, after making my purchase at the Mens Room Barbershop, I had aftersales shock hit my stomach. Its a sick feeling. But the feeling don't last long, cause you know you just bought one of the best safety razors you can buy, built like a tank, last your life!

I just ordered this razor! So you might ask, what sold me on it? Well, mainly the features really. I like that its rated to be a mild razor, not overly aggressive. I like that the razor has weight, so the weight should help carry the blade through the cut, so I shouldn't need to apply any pressure at all. And then finally, Japanese made quality through and through.

I began my quick journey, looking at the Murkers 34C, as they were recommended to me on here, because I provided a low budget to the forum. I then also looked at the Edwin Jagger DE89, I also looked at those obvious Chinese Mule ones that look gorgeous, and thats really all they are. But each one of those razors had a common theme.

The Mule's fall apart right away. From what I can tell, they are overcharging for garbage that looks beautiful, but don't last past a year. The Edwin Jagger DE89's are known to have the threaded screw head rust out and fall apart after a couple years I guess of use. And the Murkers, well, their chrome plating is known to chip off. I am like what the heck!

This facilitated my decision to raise my budget considerably. And that is how I chose the Feather AS-D2. I am going to continue reading this thread, but I wanted to post you a congratulations on your new razor! I will be posting pictures in my thread once my stuff comes in as well, I love taking pictures! 😁
You are correct! Feather sure does know how to make a beautiful box.

Feather AS-D2 box, closed and open...


However, it wouldn't be fair if I didn't mention, that Rex makes nice boxes too.

Rex Ambassador box, closed and open...


I think that if I posted the question to you all, which brand do you think makes a better box, most of you would say Feather, and thats fair. But I was happy with the introduction of my Rex as well.

But what say you all? Which brand do you feel provides the best presentation/introduction, of your new razor purchase?
I like it when a razor company goes the extra mile and makes the out of box experience special. I remember when I received my Rockwell 6S years ago, I was impressed with how the razor was packaged. That said, I like the color choice and size of the the Feather box. I am sure they standardized on one size so there was room to add the stand if you bought one of the two models with the stand.
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