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FS Feather AS-D1, Popular razor, and (30) Feather blades....

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For sale is a like-new Feather AS-D1, Feather “Popular,” and 30 unopened Feather blades. I bought these around 12 years ago. For about the span of 1 year, I used the AS-D1 during the rare weeks that I shaved daily. More often than not, I used a Merkur 25C on my 3-4 days of growth, shaving only 1-2x per week. The bottom line is that this AD-S1 hasn’t been used very much at all. It looks pristine. The “popular” razor was used exactly 1 time --- just to compare the two. The reason all of this looks as though it came from a time capsule, is because it sort-of has. I recently opened a moving box to discover these razors (I thought I had lost them in our move from WI to PA). Since that time, I’ve collected a number of other razors I now favor – so these can go to someone seeking an original Feather SS razor.

Here's what you get:

(1) Feather AS-D1 razor + box, paperwork, and original invoice/packing slip.
(1) Feather “Popular” razor + (5) Feather blades & case
(25) unopened Feather “New Hi-Stainless” blades

All for $120 shipped

*I’ve cleaned both razors in a short (10-minute) Barbicide bath, followed by 91% alcohol and air-dried…they’re both ready for their new home.*

PM me if you have any questions or would like photos from any other angles.
Thanks in advance!
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Still here, folks. I'll be tossing in a couple soap samples as well. Anyone looking for a couple high quality mild shavers, this is the ticket. One for home, and a light-weight one for travel...
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