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Feather artist club blades

I have a feather artist club ss shavette. I like it, but the blades are a little steep. Other than the feather artist brand, are there any other blades (available in the US) that fit this shavette? In either case, can you recommend the best place to buy blades for this shavette?

Dorco makes some blades that will fit so does KAI. Feather, Dorco, and KAI are the only ones I know that will work for you
Thank you. Are you referring to their DE blades or do they make a different style? Also, which B&B vendors carry them?

Thanks again,
You are correct. They are cheaper. However, I feel like they don't last as long. I was one of those guys that used one cartridge for months. My shaves sucked, but my face serviced. For comparison sake, I can only get three shaves out of a feather professional blade. My face gets seriously chewed up if I try to stretch it beyond there.

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