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FS Feather AC SS razors (folding and non-folding)

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I have two Feather AC stainless steel razors (ACS-NB and ACS-RB) for sale at $60 each or $110 for both. Price includes shipping to CONUS addresses and PayPal Good & Services fees. Both razors have been used but never abused.


Please let me know if you have any questions or require additional pics. Thank you.
Will also endorse Benjamin, I have purchased from him before and had a great experience. Always lending a helping hand.
Great deal on these razors, folks. If I didn't already have a Feather SS, a Kai Kasho woody, a Feather SR, and a Mythus now out for custom scales, I would be all over this sale.
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The ACS-RB (folding) has found a new home. Thank you B&B and fellow members.

The ACS-NB (non-folding) is still available.
The razor is still available but I'm locking the thread. PM if interested. Thank you.
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