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Favourite Tank

lol..just found the vapors thread here. Now I can combine my old OCD hobby (vaping) with what is becoming my new OCD hobby (wet shaving).

i have, and have had, quite a few tanks, but right now the 3 I'm running daily are the Kanger sub, the crown and the zephyrus. Of the 3 my favorite is the zeph. Great flavor and form factor on the IPV D2. Love the crown as well but it's a juice hog.....not that I really mind that as I DIY at about $0.05/ml. The subtank is good as well but find it either to "airy" or to tight. Been getting great longevity on the stock coils. I've only changed coils on each of these, maybe, twice in the last year. Since I stopped using any sweeteners in my DIY grog I've seen my coils and wicks last WAY longer between changing or dry burns. But my go to, out and about set up is the D2 with the Zephyrus.....and 1 of my REOs of course.
I just started vaping too recently. I have a TVF4 and an Aspire Cleito. The TVF4 should come with a funnel permanently attached. The Cleito has great flavor and is a good but better on juice but its still thirsty. I think the TFV4 with the TFR1 brings out the flavor best of anything I have tried and dome nice clouds too!
My latest favorite is the TFV4 micro. Its great for flavor and with the tank extensions included it holds plenty of juice and is not bad on juice consumption. The RBA that comes in the kit is easy to build and just as good as the premade coils. I have stopped buying coils for mine and just yse the RBA anymore with stainless wire.
I like my subtank mini, but I see it's failings, I bought it for the RTA head there is a rebuild able smok tank in my future.
If I use a tank I use the innoken isub. Mostly I just use rdas. I've tried various rtas but have never been able to choke the juice flow well enough to avoid leaks in my pocket, which I find very aggravating. The old rdas just need to be vaped nearly dry and pocketed.
I have been using the Uwell Crown 2 for the last couple months and though it has had some coil issues I have been using the SU316 coils as SS304 with my DNA 75 if I have problems with the 316L setting and I couldn't be happier.
Just switched to the TFV8 with the rebuildable coil. Its a monster! Larger than the TFV4 and the coils are bigger too so it hold just a little bit more juice. I like making my own coils and wicking and its cheeper than buying the coils at 5 bucks a piece. This Tank is a keeper. And at 50 bucks with all the extra encluding an extra glass, it cant be beat!
My TFV$ coils only lasted less than a week before I had to replace them. Hope you have better luck. I vape like a steam engine!
Me too, but there aren't too many 50/50 or 60/40 juices around anymore, so I always order what I want if I'm gonna use the tank. I have 18awg 4 wrap for my mech mod, so yeah, choo choo
My TFV$ coils only lasted less than a week before I had to replace them. Hope you have better luck. I vape like a steam engine!
I had the quad coil last 5 weeks. Clayton's last about 2 weeks. It really depends on how dirty your juice is too. I used pope juice on the quad coil.
I just got into vaping ... I only have one tank, but 2 batteries, a little one and big big big one.

I take the tank off my vape pen and put it on the big bruiser battery .... I can really taste the difference from the same juice.
I'm clouding with a local blend called Manhattan @1.6mg nic.
It tastes like full-flavor Turkish tobacco, close to Camel, which is my favorite commercial stick.

Just started this past sunday and I'm off smoking cigarettes completely. I still like to make rollies with the injector machine, though ... I just give these away in exchange for other favors and trades and barters.

Gotta get a big tank and a new call for my Primary battery.
The vape pen will probably go to my sister.
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