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favourite shaving soap brand

as the title suggests, what is your favourite soap brands, as a collector myself I've tried nowhere near all of the various brands, I'd like to try some of the other brands, but would love to know other members favourites, what brands are you're favorite 👍🏼
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"Traditional" ...

- Arko.
- Tabac.
- Mitchell's Wool Fat / Kent.
- Haslinger.
- Cella.
- Vito's.
- Ogallala.


- Stirling.
- Shannon's Soaps.
- Catie's Bubbles.
- Barrister and Mann.
- Mike's Natural Sopas.
- Soap Commander.
- Southern Witchcrafts.
My favorite shaving soap brand is Fitjar. First soap I ever used, and I'm happy to say that among the many quality soaps out there, Fitjar is my chosen soap. It's local & it's more than good enough to make me happy. Love the scents as well, refined but not strong, easy to pair with my PAA aftershaves.
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Hate to jump on the “bandwagon,” but for now, make mine “Stirling’s,” too. ☺️

Excellent customer service, great variety of options, plus… SAMPLES! 😍

Currently making my way through about TWENTY of them, and a clear favorite by far is their “Iced Pineapple.”

Words alone can’t do it justice! 😛

(Special mention - Stirling’s “Lemon Chill.” Again, words… 😍)
My favourite brand is Murphy and McNeil without a doubt. Excellent performance, especially their Kodiak base but their Aon base is still top notch, some of my favourite scents and Bill goes above and beyond with his customer service.

I would say B&M and PAA would be my other favourites. I also enjoy Dr Jon’s, especially Savannah Sunrise
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