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Favourite Premium Bay Rum

Favourite Premium Bay Rum

  • Ogallala

  • Captain's Choice

  • Turtle Bay

  • Grand Bay

  • Barbary Coast

  • St Johns

  • Royall

  • DR Harris

  • Other

  • Stirling

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No, I have not tried it. I have a greater chance of having Unicorn tears delivered than three large bottles of alcohol, but although you are a Gentleman you seem quite persistent when the opening post quite clearly states that I don't consider any of these products premium products.

I have had nothing but disappointing experiences of any product in a cheap nasty plastic bottle with synthetic and artificial scents.
Best of luck with your search. :)
Captain’s Choice is very good, traditional smelling, has face friendly ingredients, and comes in a nice brown apothecary bottle, and is a favorite of many on this forum. I always drop hints around Christmas time as I am too cheap to buy it myself.

My everyday bay rum is my version of the aforementioned Bootlegger’s which is a mixture of different barbershop staples here in the U.S. (I substitute Gabel’s for Superior 70 and double the amount of Gabel’s relative to the other ingredients if anyone is interested in trying it).
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