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Favorite winter shave?

so for those of you that live in areas with seasons, what are your go to products for a winter shave?

I feel in love with the proraso wood and spice shave cream, paired with the proraso red aftershave and the red sandalwood preshave.

I ask this, because I’m looking to get a nice heavy woods and spiced smelling shave cream/soap for the winter/holidays.

I was eyeballing the proraso red or Stirling sandalwood, then rod from Stirling emailed me saying that the contifeious scent was pretty heavy on the wood and spice scent. What do you guys recommend?
I keep telling myself I need to try Proraso red, but I can't stop using Proraso green.

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My favorite winter products are Haslinger’s schafmilch soap paired with either Fine American blend AS or Floid vigoroso AS!! :a14::a14::a14:
Proraso Red preshave cream, soap, aftershave - followed with an unscented moisturizer or balm. Oooh, mama.
I'm on my third shave with my Stirling Bay Rum sample puck, and it seems like it could very well be
the perfect winter scent. I'm not a big fan of sandalwood, so I'm loving this rum -- cinnamon aroma .
Reminds me of curling up in front of a crackling fireplace with a warm rum spiced eggnog in my hand,
my wife by my side, my dog by my feet, and Sinatra on the stereo. Ahhhhh ...... life is good !
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My favorite winter’s soap is Norwegian: The Fitjar Islands Fjellheim (‘Fjellheim’ translates to ‘Mountain Home’). Totally unique scent that does indeed smell of the North, somehow.

Fitjars is a small artisan brand with a very hipster approach, got the coolest looking website ever. No affiliation, just a happy customer :)
PdP 63 with the matching balm and cologne is nice.

B&M Lavanille & AS

Proraso wood & spice with matching balm

When I don't have a matching balm I always finish with Nivea unscented sensitive skin balm.

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Anything warm or brown ... bay rum, etc. No blues or greens.

Not Barbasol Pacific Rush. Brrrrrrrrrr! :velva2: "The August Aftershave."


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Since the question is "product", I will mention my scuttle. Nothing like warm lather on a chilly morning.

I've noticed you can throw a regular bowl - mine is metal - in the sinkful of hot water while the brush is soaking, and it, too, will produce hot lather.

Stirling Coniferous like you mentioned would probably be a good fit for the scent profile you’re looking for, or Ozark Mountain. His Autumn Glory is a little different scent profile but also really nice for cool weather.
You could also check out some oud-based scents, which I think works well in cold weather.
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Well, my favorite winter scent by far is Bootlegger's El Dorado. That is ready for use as the weather starts getting colder. I like Razorock Al Sapone for a good winter scent, Captain's Choice North and I think Floris #89 is a good winter scent.
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