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Favorite Vintage Shave

In your experience, what combination gives you your favorite/closest shave from a (1) vintage DE razor, combined with which (2) blade, (3) soap/cream/gel & (4) brush (2-4 not necessarily vintage)?

There’s a lot of talk here about razors, but I’ve found it’s the combination all of these that makes the experience enjoyable. I’d like to try some of your combinations.
Gillette Slim on 8 or 9 or a Superadjustable on 8 with an Asco Red, Irish Spring soap, AOS badger and a splash of Old Spice. Heavenly !
Gillette Tech or Slim, paired with an Astra SP, provide me great results.

My RR 400 brush is a lathering beast and I use that for the soaps that I have (i.e. CB, Haryali, LaToja, Tabac, MWF, and the beloved Arko)

Of course...

Your RESULTS may vary, as there is NO MILEAGE involved in any aspect of shaving:001_rolle
My made-in-England, 7o’clock, open comb is always good for a vintage shave when paired with matching blades and tallow Tabac.

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Gillette Slim
Gillette silver blue
Dr Harris soap. I have the sandalwood scent.
Omega 20102 Boar
Dr Harris Sandalwood splash.
I had an outstanding shave this morning with a vintage 1921 Gillette New Improved razor and a Personna made-in-America blade. I have tough old man whiskers on an 86-year-old face.

I used Dove Men's Care hand soap and a badger brush. I finished with a splash of PAA Dapper Doc's Old Time Lilac and Fig aftershave.
(1) vintage DE razor: Standard Toggle
(2) blade: Astra SP
(3) soap/cream/gel: Cremo Original
(4) brush: Fingers
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