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Favorite Vintage Gillette DE - Summer 2022

Techs are mild in the sense that blade gap and exposure are rather small. There have been some variations throughout the years, but in general they are on the mild side. That said, they could be surprisingly efficient. Paired with a sharp blade like Bic CP, Feather or Nacet, they could rival the efficiency of more aggressive razors. That's the magic of the Tech.
Current favorite (i might change my mind by the end of the week) is the New SC with the common bar handle, i have amazing shaves with this old lady :001_smile



I shaved a fortune
My favorite vintage Gillette is the 1953 President.

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That's one of my birth year razors. I've been looking at all the Gillettes available in Y2 but at the moment, I opted for a 1933 British NEW Raised Flat Bottom instead.

I think that will be it for my Vintage Gillette razors: the British Flat Bottom Tech and the aforementioned NEW Raised Flat Bottom.
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