Favorite vehicle(s) you've ever owned? And why.

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    My grandfather had a '79 in orange that was babied like no other vehicle I've seen. When he died in 93 it only had around 60,000 km and was absolutely mint. At the time neither my brother or I had any interest in it and it was sold. I still kick myself :(
  1. My first car! DATSUN(now NISSAN) 510. Got me around, was a fun little putt. IF I could do it all over again, I believe my choice would be a bit different today...…(could-a, should-a, would-a)

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  2. BMW 325i because it was smooth as butter but hugged the road and was fun to drive.
  3. sounds like it would have been awesome.

    I forgot to mention ,mine had the smoothest running engine I have ever had.At idle all you could hear was the carb sucking air-ssshhhhhhhhhhhhh.No other vehicle has been that smooth.
  4. 1987 Dodge Daytona. Bought it after seeing it on the crime drama "Hunter".

    It wasn't the same without Dee Dee McCall driving it.
  5. What year was that Datsun? My wife and I looked at a Datsun in 1971, but bought a Toyota Corona instead. Not a favorite, but reliable and affordable at the time. I think my wife hated the Datsun colors at the time.
  6. 1972
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    A 1971 Olds 98 coupe (with a 455 and a 4 barrel) that I bought as my first car- mine was black. I was 16, so that would have been 1984. I loved the electric seats, and while it wasn't the fastest off the line, it could move down the highway. If I got 10 MPG, I was probably lucky. I miss fender skirts.

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    67 chevelle .JPG

    madmfkr's burnout.GIF

    The other two I had the most fun with were a Yamaha Seca 650 Turbo and a Suzuki RG500 Gamma. The Yamaha was eye opening when the turbo kicked in, but still not as intense as the Gamma.

    My father bought a brand new black Olds 98 in 1966 when I was born. It had a 425 Rocket in it and yep, it would go on the highway.

    My nephews 1971 Olds 442 convertible has a 425 Rocket in it right now while the original 455 gets a rebuild. That engine is no slouch in the 442. It jumps off the line like a scared cat and ran away from my 396 Chevelle.
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    I remember working in auto parts in the late 80s, early 90s. You could soup up Olds small and big blocks just as much as you could Chevy’s- the Olds parts just cost more. :)
  10. D2EBCCC7-05D5-4E09-A88B-09F10B34B759.jpeg 69A26A9F-F682-42F5-8236-C0F5CC01A619.jpeg My favorite car was a 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 convertible I had in high school in the early 1980’s. It had a 352 big block with a Carter 625 four barrel atop an Edelbrock intake and a 3/4 race cam. Boy do I wish I had that car now!
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    You still can, and they still do!
  12. Looking at all these loooong 2 door cars... Beautiful!
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    Yep. Don’t think I will be doing it, though. I’ve always wanted a two door convertible or a Porsche, so I think my next car will be a Boxster.
  14. Because the Cadillac that's sittin' in the back
    It isn't me
    Oh, no, no, no it isn't me
    I'm more at home in my galaxie

  15. The first car I bought and wish I still owned. 1973 Ford Grand Torino Sport. Bought when I was in the USMC before getting married the first time. Beat that thing half to death but it was a blast. Sold it got married and bought a bady blue Escort wagon :a52:
    Got discharged, divorced, traded in the Escort on a 1983 3/4 ton ,4x4, diesel GMC Sierra wish I still had that one too.
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  17. This: my favourite toy I play with when I am in France.

    It even has a cupholder on the left that my bottle of 1664 fits perfectly
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    1970 Barracuda. It was my first. Dad bought it new, traded with his mom when our family outgrew it, and I got when I was 15.5 to begin restoring.
    1990 Miata w/additional hardtop. Loved it, but it would barely hold a set of golf clubs in the trunk. My first summer driving it my hair was sun-kissed and almost bleached.
    1997 Jeep TJ. Enough said.
    2016 Chevrolet Silverado High Country. It has everything. (Currently driving)
    I’d owning any of these rides again, but it is interesting that when I get rid of them, there was initial relief and a sense of joy because I got something different to replace them with.
    Barracuda>Jetta(gas mileage, comfort, no extraordinary maintenance)
    Miata>Truck(space & height)
    Jeep>Lexus(comfort, ride, quiet, passengers)
  19. Just bought a new honda crv. Love it. Great MPG for an AWD SUV and has all the bells and whistles for 25k. Love it so far

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