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Favorite travel set up?

Just picked up a travel tech after my most recent trip with the EJ89 where I brought most of the shaving works.
I like the EJ but was just looking for more efficiency in the sizes so I'm looking for suggestions on a tight minimalist travel set up for DE shaving.
A travel Tech (you can switch the head to a Canadian 1932 or triangulatr slot pre-war if you want something a little more aggressive) with a travel brush (any brush in a case, really) and a puck of soap that you can then load and face lather with is probably as minimalist as I can think of, short of a brushless cream in a tube (KMF, Cremo) with your travel Tech in its case.
I received as a gift the little Merkur Open Comb Travel razor. It is a four piece razor and comes in a nifty little leather pouch. It takes up hardly any room in my travel bag and, above all, it shaves great. I was traveling over the Christmas holidays and I tried it out. With a Gillette 7:00 Yellow it gave a BSS three pass shave.

There are two versions of it, closed and open comb. It is so light that I would think that the closed comb sou deb very very mild. The open comb mitigates the light weight and I couldn't be more pleased.

Hope this helps.
The brushless cream sounds interesting for an option that eliminates the brush and brush case but adds a tube to carry. Nothing to dry per se like when the brush is travelling. Last trip I used my synthetic brush to help avoid drying issues.
Ok in the general forum someone suggested the tsa approved gillette guard razors are good travel options.
I use this one if I am forced to only carry on luggage, which often is the case:

The Mühle dries very fast when I keep it in Mühles own travel tube
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What does your whole carry on shave kit look like? I'd like to see separate TSA approved flight kits and just driving/carkits travel suggestions as well. THanks for your input!
The handle on those Gillette travel Techs are just too small.

Here's my travel razor. It's got the two-piece handle. I need to find/make a case for it.

I've traveled 30k+ air miles since November, and refuse to make significant compromises on the road. I always have a regular size brush (up to 25 mm will fit in my container), ej89 or ikon, soap stick (or 2.5 inch pot that I've grated a puck into), and a small tube of aftershave (about 1 oz). Blades are the trickiest. They occasionally get through security or you can check them or just buy a couple at your destination. I like to have that excuse to visit local pharmacies and I've discovered some blades I now use that way.

With this setup, there's still enough liquids and gel space for me to bring shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, cologne, and moisturizer in hotel size bottles.

Enjoy selecting your kit!
I'll be traveling soon. I have only used Proraso red in a tube so far. I was wondering about using a puck of soap to travel with. My thought would be that I could load it with my hands and lather on my face. Anyone do this? I just worry about a brush not drying out enough. If it matters, my thought was to get a puck of VDH or Williams mug soap since they're available in the BM stores. Not sure if I'll try taking my DE or not...may just bring along a disposable. It's a driving trip, so no TSA worries.
Great input guys!
The proraso tube is over the limit for flight trips, correct? I guess a shave stick get around since it's not liquid? Eyemahm you probably have a lot of good advice to offer with that many miles. No one wants to get delayed along the way.
This is my "minimalist" travel setup (I use vodka before dinner and for aftershave)

This is my "minimalist" travel setup (I use vodka before dinner and for aftershave)

My kinda guy. :) Since you can't count on finding good (authentic) scotch in most of the world, I usually check a bottle of my own. Potential downside: I think the baggage handlers helped themselves when I was connecting through Paris.

Hks, as you probably know, the tsa max is 3.3 oz/100 ml. If the proraso tube is marked less than that, you'll be fine. If it's not but looks close it'll most likely be tossed. In any case, where hard equivalents of liquid/gel products exist (eg soap), I'd go that route.
I use this one if I am forced to only carry on luggage, which often is the case:

The Mühle dries very fast when I keep it in Mühles own travel tube

is is that a synthetic brush? How fast does it dry? If I shave at night, would it be dry enough the next morning to pack away?
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is is that a synthetic brush? How fast does it dry? If I shave at night, would it be dry enough the next morning to pack away?
It certainly is! See here: http://www.connaughtshaving.com/33k257.html

It would be OK to pack in the morning even if your humidity would be at 90%.

Furthermore it is not at all sensitive to pack in the Dopp bag directly after use and unpacking 12 hours later, if you use one of the purpose made Mühle travel tubes, like this: http://www.connaughtshaving.com/murv.html . Because it's synthetic it doesn't mold or start shedding.
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100K+ miles a year flown on average.

I fit my travel slant or travel Merkur (in the case), cream, Osage rub, WH, proraso pre/post, travel brush, toothpaste, face medication, 60ml cologne bottle all in one tsa 3-1-1 bag. All the shaving contents are legal size refillable containers that can hold 7 days of shaves. The cream may or may not be replaced by a puck of soap in a WCS screw top tin, but that takes up more bag space than the cream container. For now it's coming along because of 40 Days of Lanolin!

The EJ travel brush is heavy cast steel and it's been tripping tsa because they don't recognise it, so it's on the way out when I find a plastic alternative. For now it has to go in a separate bin, even though I'm in the pre check line. If I run out of room in the 3-1-1, which is rare, I can take out the medication since it's Rx and therefore exempt from 3-1-1.

Not related, but I also use hand rolled vacuum bags for my socks, underpants and undershirts which makes it possible to fit 7 days worth in a legal size carry on. Dress clothes go in a garment bag as my second carry on.

I absolutely never check my bags and have this mastered after 10 years of flying to my clients!

BTW, mail or buy blades to/at destination.
I'm on the road a lot, so I appreciate you minimalist take on things. For me it's a Merkur Futur, Mühle Silvertip, a Proraso tube, an ALTOIDS tin of blades, and a post-shave balm.

I've taken a NEW on the road, but I find an adjustable is better for the face when I don't have my complete arsenal to choose from.

Great thread!


Thanks for the info bosseb. Something for me to look at. I would just hate for my travel brush to cost more than my at home brush. But perhaps that means it's time to upgrade that one as well. :)
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