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Favorite TOBS scent?

I bought a sampler and I really like all of them, but I am partial to the lemon/lime. However the Eton College, Sandalwood, Jermyn, Mr Taylors, and Shaving Soap are all fantastic as well. Didn't really care for the Almond, but I will give it another chance.
I have Mr Taylor, Rose, St James and Eton college. I like them all, with a slight preference for Eton college. You should buy a sample pack and see what you like, scents are a big "YMMV" thing.
Is there a cream that out performs proraso better than TOBS for around the same price?
Proraso performs well but is just another another cream in the rotation of great performing creams and soaps for me. I used TOBS almond and liked it, but never went back because of all the other creams and soaps that are better or more enjoyable.
VITOS @ $7 Glycerine AND Tallow in the coco mix is awesome
Try the new Proraso Blue for a change.. it's nice.

If you want to up your game you should check out King Louis's Lavender from Razorock: http://www.italianbarber.com/razorock-king-louis-lavender-karite-shaving-soap
Thanks guys! I went to the TOBS site to get a better description of the scents and decided the sampler is really the way to go since they ALL sound appealing.
Im a big fan of TOBS Great performer and great price. Here is my take:
Rose, nice scent very traditional upbeat way to start the day.
Lavender Dry English scent, fiance loves it....
Eaton, clean citrus and great lather
Avocado clean and super lather.
I'm still on my first TOBS scent (sandalwood) and love it. Still being new to wet shaving, this was a game changer for me (went from a hard puck to the TOBS cream). The ease of lather and enjoyment of the sandalwood scent were absolutely worth the extra $$. From reading the posts above, sounds like I need to try the Eton College next...
I've only used Sandalwood and Avocado.

I prefer the scent of the Sandalwood between the two, but the Avocado has a nice scent too. (It doesn't actually smell anything like avocados, more like grass and cucumber.)

I have Eton College, Rose, and Almond on my to-try list.
The USPS Shipping info says my TOBS sampler is being delivered. Work is dragging because all I can think about is getting home to smell them.
Good products, not exceptional . Shoebox shave shop offers samples and ships fast

Shave Shoppe - Clean stronger scent than the others, a little vinatge old man soapy kick to it

Jermyn St. Clean light - citrus - lemony, sweet - nice, wish it was stronger

Eton College - Very good - powdery - clean and crisp - a fav.

Mr. Taylor - Not very strong - More old man but not in a bad way

Avocado - sweet green grass on a warm summer day. Smells great in the tub, was not crazy about the scent during the shave - did not mind it after. Strong scent

Coconut - Almond - exactly what you would expect, Very stong scents.