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Favorite Tallow-Based Soap - 2023

I'm going to buy some more soaps. Tallow I have Stirling and Turtleship. Does anyone know if A&E Kaiser 2e is superior to Stirling? 🤔

K2E is a great base. The 6 A&E soaps I purchased have caused skin irritation. There might be something in their fragrances that does not agree with my skin, as some of the individuals whom I gifted these soaps to have also reported similar issues, while others did not.
Asking as I do not know. Believe TALLOW is animal fat. What do you do to avoid plumbing problems. Or is the TALLOW only small part of product❓
Yes, combined with potassium hydroxide and or sodium hydroxide and typically other oils to make soap. Hot water keeps the pipes clean.
Thanks you must be chemist.
Ha ha no, I make soap at home. It is a very simple process to make decent hand soap. Making a good shave soap is not easy. I have made numerous attempts at shave soap but so far it just ends up being hand soap or a crumbly unusable mess.
Standing alone - Ethos for me.

Others I like but rate lower - GD Mallard base (non Kairos), House of Mammoth, Mike’s Natural, Wholly Kaw, B&M Omnibus, MdC, etc.

Best non Tallow - Ethos Tibu Sabuni

…and I believe Hendrix & Co has a vegan base, their soap is good and under the radar. I like it a lot.

I’ve pretty much sold off most of my other stuff.
I will look into whether a new (reformulated) Tabac puck makes its way into my den, next winter. I also like DR Harris Windsor, Arlington or Almond (as a homage to Cella).

For the warmer months, my rotation includes Mitchells Wool Fat and Haslinger Schafmilch, which I believe contains Sheep Milk and Lanolin - but the latest formulation contains no tallow.
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My favorite tallow soaps for 2023 are Speick stick(old formula)mild spicy scent, Razorock XXX nice unique clean scent & a recent new addition Yaqi Musketeer Rapier( Aramis scent?) + all have excellent lather qualities.
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