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Favorite Soap Tubs/Containers?

Use stuff that others have already mentioned, either a strop shoppe container or a Cade flying saucer. The Strop Shoppe is the perfect size and has been used for years. The flying saucer is iconic and fun and a bit small and messier. Currently 3017ing vintage AOS sandalwood from the flying saucer.


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L'Occitane Cade.

Whilst I generally just use the container the soap comes in, but for my homemade shaving soap, I like the ikea grundtal stainless (I removed the magnets though).

I also like the tall soap commander tub.

I find both these containers make it easier to use the soap once the donut hole ("ring of death") appears.


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Does this count? It’s a shave bowl, not a tub or container.
In as far as a bowl is a container.
It's not a "lathering bowl". The puck of DR Harris resides there permanently.
I face lather, not bowl lather, so it is an unlidded soap container!


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I have had the MWF bowl. Way too big for the soap. It’s hand made, so sometimes the ceramic lid fits good on some, sometimes they don’t. I’m pretty sure I knocked mine into the sink and broke it.

Tabac glass bowl? The water get’s underneath the soap in the bowl and never dries out.

L’Occitane Cade aluminum bowl? The soap disc fits on top but it bobbles around and water also sets in the bot portion of the recessed bowl just like Tabac’s. I like wooden bowls for no shatter and if the puck don’t fit grate it Wooden bowls are also shallow and wide which promotes good & proper loading.

Also of the soap comes in plastic like Proraso. Shatter free and the soaps fits properly. I have an empty very small shaving soap container that held Pinaud’s Clubman shave soap. The soap sucked, but the container houses a small puck of Haslinger’s Schafmilch perfectly.

Other then that, if ya need a quick fix for a travel container? Next time you’re at Kentucky Fried Chicken and get some sides with your meal, keep and clean out the plastic dish. Makes a good travel soap dish. :)

A 6 pack of the Grundtals for cheap. They’re 12+ years old, no rust, stackable, and the magnet’s strong enough to hang upside down in an RV for 8 months of almost daily driving without getting knocked loose ever. They keep the soap well contained when loading, and I’ve never had issues with them. There are also printable soap brand labels here that fit inside the lids if you’re feeling fancy about a regular.

And my I Coloniali terra cotta dish.

I like lids to keep the soaps better hydrated if they’re not getting a daily use.

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+1. They are perfect for either pressing soft soaps or grating hard soaps into, and the Stirling sample pucks work a treat in these containers.
I have a bunch of 200g empties from GFT products, which were all I used for a long time, so now my tubes go in those. Soon I will have some 150g TOBS empties too. It’s nice that the lids are interchangeable, and they screw on really easily in my experience.

I admire the nice bowls and jars that I see around here, but the plastic stuff is all I have. I recall seeing a vendor (maybe WCS) that sells empties they have left over from making sample packs.
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