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Favorite Small Brush

Left to right, For scale - Yaqi Sagrada Familia (24mm x 53mm) for scale, Tweezerman pure badger (approx. 20mm x 48mm) Wet Shaving Products Monarch silvertip (22mm x 50mm).

The Tweezerman was my first brush, purchased in May 2009. It was made of pure badger hair with the ends of the knot clipped with scissors to form the knot. In those early years, my face softened those clipped hairs.

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Funny, i have 2 of the 3 brushes. My first badger brush, was the same as your tweezerman, but without the tweezerman logo... And i bought it about the same time as you. It looks the same. I also have the Sagrada, but being a 24mm knot, i wouldn't call it a small brush. It has a small handle, but it's a medium size brush.
Simpson’s Major. An outstanding brush. I’m surprised that there has has not been more chatter about this brush over the years.. A nod goes to the Wee Scot as well.
Probably my favorite truly small brush (which I'd define as <20mm) is the Simpson's Major in Best. It's not exactly the smartest purchase, as travel brushes go...a Case with the corresponding case is probably a better buy, especially considering that you're more likely to lose a travel brush and the Major's pretty darned expensive. But I just love mine...it's a wonderful little brush, and always does a bang-up job when I travel. (Though of course it hasn't gotten much use in the past year or so.) Plus, I just love how the handle fits together so nicely...there's just something satisfying about a quirky hand-turned turnback-style brush.
My primary travel brush is a Major in super. Yes it was relatively expensive but the turnback design and the performance of the knot make it a purchase I’m glad I made. Don’t kick yourself about the Case @Shavely Manden . I purchased a Case once that was not usable for me. Even though sold as best, it felt far too scritchy to ever want to use.

The Wee Scot is another great small brush but too small for me to use regularly. My last use on Saturday yielded a great shave.
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