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Favorite Simpson Brush and Why

So I have heard so many rave reviews on Simpsons. I am wondering which one is your favorite and why. There seems to be so many to choose.
I currently only have one. It is a Duke 2. It was purchased for me as a gift by my fiance but I told her that I wanted it based on the rave reviews here. Why I like it- The price, the size, the density of the knot, the look, face feel and performance/versatility. I am having a bit of a shedding issue right now but that certainly does not appear to be the norm with this lovely brush.

I love all of my Simpsons (Wee, Case, Special in pure, Colonel). My favorite is the Colonel. I love the handle, it's soft, scrubby, with a nice and strong backbone. You can't just have one!
I only have two Simpsons, the Wee and the Duke 2 in best. I have to say that the Duke 2 is probably my favorite out of all of the brushes I own. Like nrv216 said, the price, size, density, look, and face feel are all superb.
I have had many Simpsons, and have sold all of them off except for my Chubby 2 two band. Second to the Rooney Finest I used to own its my most dense two band, and it lathers like a champ. Simpson best is to skritchy for me, and my Chubby 3 Super was an unquenchable lather hog.
I really enjoyed the 2-band Chubby 1 I had, I let it go because it felt quite similar to my M&F blonde badgers. My remaining Simpsons are all in best: Chubby 2, Classic 2, Duke 2, and Wee Scot. I kept these for their variety.
Which Simpson would compare to thater 4125? Thats what I currently have and really like it. I do wish it was bigger tho.
Duke 2 in best and Wee Scott based on rave reviews on this site. Both great brushes. I have not tried the Chubby based on price............ but maybe one day!
Excellent thread! I've only meager selection of Simpsons. My first introduction to Simpsons was B4 Pure. Very scrubby brush to say the least but I went with it because to me it was the best looking handle and the only grade of high-end brush I can afford at time during my early days of wetshaving. I then moved on the Simpsons Wee Scot Best. Since I fancied small brushes like Omega's 21047, 40033, 50068, 599 and 615 and so forth, reckon why not go for Wee Scot since Alexander himself put his only signature to and would be great if it met all my needs. Boy and it has! It may be diminutive compared to all my brushes but it's a monster. So much so after loading the knot, the entire brush not to mention my hand is engulfed in lather. A brute indeed! Thus far, I'm still on X2 and later on I'll get the X2l in the rotation hopefully. To date it would be Wee Scot.
I never had a Simpson I didn't like. I've had 8 Simpsons, all Best.

my #1 brush, especially with hard soaps. I now only face lather and the Rover is dense with great backbone, good flow-through and no scritch. I also love the look and feel of the handle.

Other Current Simpsons
Duke 1: my current #2 brush. A great all-around small brush.
Wee Scot: love the knot, but not the handle. It now only sees limited shave stick use.
Berkeley: a year ago it was my #1. Great backbone, but I've grown tired of scritchy brushes and it doesn't see much use.

56: had it made at Simpsons to the loft I specified. Soft with good backbone and a great handle. Gave to a friend who needed a brush. A replacement is on my short list for future purchase.
Duke 2: bought used at a great price, but sold after 2 shaves only because I found it too similar to the Rover.
Colonel: my first Simpson. Gave to a friend when I stopped bowl lathering and went to smaller brushes.
Special: Pif'd mainly because I had too many brushes and wanted to control the AD. I thought it was a good brush for the price. I've seen some complain that they are scritchy, but mine was soft and a nice change from my denser brushes. Especially nice when paired with a soft cream.
Which Simpson would compare to thater 4125? Thats what I currently have and really like it. I do wish it was bigger tho.

If you mean hair then none (4125 2B I have has the softest hair). If you mean handle design I would say eagle is somewhat similar.

The only Simpson I have is M7 Manchurian and it is my favorite Simpson :biggrin1:
I have one Simpson, a Colonel in Best Badger. It is a fine brush, does everything well. However as I have said previously, it is no more than a nice brush; others are equally as enjoyable.
Which Simpson would compare to thater 4125? Thats what I currently have and really like it. I do wish it was bigger tho.

I have a Thater 3-band. My Simpsons Tulip T2 2-band is very similar to it in regards to overall perception, softness, lather release, density, backbone, etc.
Colonel, it's the only one i own, however i like the fact that i can use it for both creams and soaps and i can bowl lather my creams with it.
Which Simpson would compare to thater 4125? Thats what I currently have and really like it. I do wish it was bigger tho.

I've owned 7 Simpson brushes and my favourite is the Chubby 1 in Super. I would say this is the best balance of backbone and softness of any brush I've had. It is also versatile, though perhaps not the best handle for ceratin bowls, if lathering that way--I use a shallow one, so no problem. Finally, there is something very iconic about the look.

To address your other question, I also have a Thater 4125/0 and that is probably my second favourite brush of all. The Chubby is like a denser, bigger version of it though not quite as soft.
So far I only have two Simpsons brushes. The Wee Scot is nice, but I prefer larger brushes. That's why I ordered the KH4 and I LOVE IT! Scrubby, but not too scritchy. It covers my face well and holds tons of lather. I love the handle...fits my big hands perfectly and it has a retro vibe to it.

Forgot to add...I have a Milk Churn on the way. :thumbup:

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My Polo 8 Manchurian is my favorite Simpson brush. It's got great backbone. Its high density helps in that regard. The tips are soft, softer than most of my other 2-band Supers. Finally, I love the tall, large handle.

I've had three Simpson brushes. My first was a Duke 3, a fine brush. Then I tried the Wee Scot which showed me that I preferred smaller brushes. I sold the Duke 3 and bought a Classic 1 which I am very happy with. Smaller than the Duke 3 but even denser, with a more manageable handle than the Wee Scot.

Both the Classic 1 and the Wee Scot fit the Simpsons travel tube. I'm using the Classic 1 exclusively now, but I'll keep the Wee Scot for camping and hard-core traveling. The Classic 1 is dense and doesn't dry out as fast as the Wee One.
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