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Favorite Shave Stick?

What's your preferred shaving stick, and why?

I have experience with Palmolive, La Toja, Wilkinson Sword, and of course Arko.

I love the way La Toja smells, but I haven't found anything that beats Arko's performance.
With an answer like that, you'll need to change your profile pic!

Of course, you all KNOW my favorite. Hint: it's so well loved I invented a Kountry that I named after it!
Don´t get me wrong, I use Arko but the others are much better IMHO

Also.. I can´t put a picture of me on a TABAC stick, can I? LOL

La Toja brought me out in a bad rash and I always found Palmolive cream to give a better shave than the stick. I am also in the minority that prefers the Arko bowl to the stick - but either way it is a great soap. But I do really like the Lea shave stick - very mild on my sensitive skin. And if you can still find the Wilkinson Sword shave stick I would recommend it very highly indeed.
Wilkinson Sword is mine. Palmolive is pretty good but definitely second place. LEA isn't bad but the best part of it is the container. I still use that thing for travel with a Wilkinson Sword stick. Arko is too drying for me and Tabac gives me red face so they're tied for last place. I still haven't tried La Toja. Need to do that.
I like how this is in the cream forum. Some of my favorite soap sticks have been Taconic Shave Eucaplytus Mint and Urban Woods, DR Harris Arlington, La Toja, Speick, and Tabac.

I like tube creams and hard soaps/sticks. Sticks are so easy for travel too.
Haslinger. You have to make the stick yourself, or you can use the puck like a stick. What is a puck, really, isn't it just a very short stick?
Mogno, Colonel Conk, Williams, etc. can all be rubbed on your face like stick without a container. It's the best way to use most any hard soap
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