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favorite shampoo/conditioner?

I have light dandruff. Im wanting to get away from head ans shoulders and other crap found at big box stores. Preferably id like to be able to get it off amazon or italian barber. so whats your fav? A nice scent is a big plus too
I thought I had dandruff until I realized I had dry scalp. I purchased a natural bristle brush, Baxter of California Daily Protein shampoo and the mate conditioner and haven't had a flake in two months. I also use Ogallala soap and shampoo bar every now and then and same results. I say the major role in it was brushing my scalp.
Do you have a problem with Head and Shoulders shampoo? Its the world's most popular shampoo. Every day Proctor&Gamble sells around 110 bottles per minute, or 29 million bottles per year so quite a few people like it.
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I use a shampoo bar. Many people who have used shampoo bars get rid of their dandruff permanently. Plus, you only have to shampoo your hair every other day or even less. Your hair will feel softer than it ever has and your hair and scalp will be healthier. I have used J.R. Liggett's shampoo bar and some from Chagrin Valley. The shampoo bars last a long time (if you keep them out of the shower) and are environmentally and economically sound.
Giovanni tea tree triple treat shampoo and conditioner. Nice menthol cooling and stops head itch for me better than anything I have tried so far.
Jack Black. They make a thickening shampoo and a thickening conditioner. Made with all natural ingredients...no parabens or sulfates or any of that stuff...so they're very gentle on your hair and scalp. Smell great too.

Head and Shoulders was always crap on my hair. Did more harm than good...made my hair really oily and heavy. Switching to the Jack Black has done wonders. I've been using only that for the last 4 months and my hair is now super soft with a lot more life, it no longer gets super greasy like it used to and now styles much more easily.

I seriously can't recommend them enough.
Have you tried D.R. Harris Golden Shampoo? It's very good and also come highly concentrated in a bottle. Highly recommended.
Pinaud Clubman Country Club Shampoo. Awesome stuff!

I also use hair tonic every day. The glycerine in it moisturizes the scalp and helps control flakes.
If you get a tea tree & peppermint shampoo it should help a lot. And the added bonus, for those of you with young children, (elementary school age) at home, have them use it also a couple times a week to keep the school age lice away from home. :thumbup1:
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