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Favorite RazoRock Super Formula (Vegan) Scent?

Let me start by saying I already have Dead Sea and XXX and really like both. I am interested in trying one of the RazoRock soaps that uses the vegan "Super Formula" with shea butter base. Looking through what is in stock on ItalianBarber and filtering through which options use the shea butter base, I have these options:

  • American Barber
  • Caribbean Holiday
  • Classic
  • Don Marco
  • Essential Oil Of Lime
  • For New York
  • Gold
  • One X
  • Plague Doctor
  • XX
  • Zi' Peppino

They don't offer samples and I'm not going to buy and try them all. Which of these do you like the best?

Ron R

I survived a lathey foreman
Blue barber is also an nice scented soap and has great lather qualities IMO.
Don Marco is a citrus based scented soap with great lather qualities and works for myself + kind of picks a person up when we are having these long cold snaps in Northern Alberta Canada.
For me Plague Doctor is the best of the bunch. Get the matching splash as well, you will not be disappointed.

After that:
Black Bay
Blue Barbershop
Seems like Plague Doctor is the most popular from the list. Has anyone tried both Plague Doctor and One X? I'm curios how those two compare.
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