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Favorite Pinaud product...

None, really . . . tried to recapture my youth and tried them all again recently - - found them all cloyingly sweet and overwhelming.
VIBR. I haven’t used in a long while. It dried my face really bad. I just recently started adding glycerin to my aftershaves. Need to get more and try it with glycerin. I bet that would make it better for my face.
I started with a little sampler set of 4 Pinaud scents. It included clubman, VIBR, lime sec, and citrus musk. I started out loving the bay rum. I appreciate the clubman, but find it somewhat stronger than I like, so I feel like I have to be cautious as to when I use it. I also hate to work up a sweat and then smell clubman mixed into that aroma.

I recently bought in to larger bottles of Pinaud products. I feel I needed to stick with classics and not dabble with the newer offerings. I bought 6 or 12oz bottles of the original 4, and added 6oz bottles of vanilla, special reserve, and musk. All were moved to glass bottles upon arrival.

classic vanilla - I don’t really comprehend this scent. From the plastic bottle I thought it was a poor scent. My wife liked it. Since decanting, it’s a little less skunky, and I think it’s like much softer and slightly different scent than clubman. I find it more tolerable since it has decanted a little bit, but my wife has decided it’s not so good anymore.

Special Reserve - I like it, not love it. But that being said, I expect I will love it the more I use it. The wife is a big fan, this came as a surprise to me.

clubman - I find since decanting, it’s less harsh and much sweeter. Still a scent I will wear with a bit of consideration but it’s moved up a bit with me.

lime sec - a great scent. I like this and often pick citrus musk over Thai based on scent from the bottle, but once applied, I think this changes a lot and is fantastic.

citrus musk - a crowd favorite, I am in agreement that this is among the best. Great from the bottle and equally good to wear. This is a close tie with lime sec but might edge it out by a hair.

Musk - the last of the scents I received, but one I was looking forward to. I think this may be my favorite. I like the scent from the bottle and I like how it smells and gradually settles in after dry down.

I have noticed an excellent improvement of skin feel after applying these since adding glycerin to each bottle. Most are in 6oz bottles, each one has had 8 drops of glycerin added. Not sure if that’s a lot or a little but it has made a noticeable difference.

Sorry for the ramblings. Just sharing my thoughts on the line of products.
Hair Gel. Honest to God.

16oz jar of Superhold Pinaud Styling Gel. Take a small dip of it and a small squirt of CeraVe lotion, rub them together in your palms and work it into your hair. it is a non-greasy conditioning hair gel that doesn't build up on your hair, doesn't flake, doesn't smell like a French **orehouse... wonderful!

Oh, and I also like their little 2oz plastic jar of shave soap (firm croap) and of course their original Pinaud Clubman Aftershave.

But yeah, If I could only have one - it'd be the hair gel. Their original Aftershave could be replaced by Gabel's Original or Gabels Lilac, or Skin Bracer if you want a powdery barbershop mojo. Their shave soap, though good, could easily be replaced by Cella. I prefer the Pinaud soap's smell, but the Cella smokes it from a pure performance standpoint. However, I don't know of anything that performs better than Superhold Pinaud Styling Gel + CeraVe.


Of the new wave of Clubman Reserve scents, I like the Gent's Gin, Whiskey Woods and Cognac Neat (which is almost identical to whisky woods). Haven't tried the Tequila Tease or Sweet Rum. Of the traditional lineup, I've tried nearly all. Tops for me are Clubman, Special Reserve, Classic Vanilla, Lime Sec, and the Veg.