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Favorite / Most Popular Shannon's Shaving Soaps ?

What are the favorites / most popular of Shannon's Shaving Soaps ?
I have tried Silk Pajamas in her higher priced line, as well as Haymarket Vetiver and Valley Parkway in the regular line. I like all three scents.

As to which soaps are favorites or most popular I have no idea.

Haymarket Vetiver is a particularly nice vetiver based essential oil soap using vetiver, oakmoss and citrus. Valley Parkway is also an essential oil soap with notes of rosewood, lavender and vetiver which together provide an understated scent that is very pleasant to use. Silk Pajamas is a warmer scent with notes of tobacco blossom, citrus, and rose. I have it out for use for my next shave.

You can order matching aftershaves with or without menthol.

Shannon's Soaps offers samples at a very reasonable price. I would suggest you order some samples to find out for yourself. Or you can do as I did with regard to Valley Parkway and order an aftershave to see if you like the scent.
One popular is Forest City Fern, in their best base. Is my only Shannon's soap, I still need to understand if I like or not the scent because from the tub I feel a pine note I don't like generally in soaps,.but once lather it dissolve and blend together with other notes in a nice complex Fougere.

The consistency of lather is one of best I've ever seen. The soap is really really soft, at least mine, I left open some days in order to make it an bit harder.

Curious to know other feedback on this scent from other users.