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Favorite "Modern" cream,soap,gel,foam, etc

Hmmm, I don't have any of that flavor, but I do have the stuff in the Yellow can that the Purple can seemingly is the replacement for. I'll give that a try. I was a bit skeptical that some of the higher dollar soaps were actually better than the cheap ones, but having tried a few there are some improvements over most of the cheaper soaps.
In terms of performance, there's nothing wrong with foam in a can, in my experience, and they perform at least as well as some of the lathering products that traditional shavers use. I've never found them to be drying, quite the contrary. The price is also negligible if properly used. Barbasol or Foamy are less than $2 per can where I live.

Personally, I think Edge Gel is wonderful stuff (and you can father lather it with a brush). I would be curious to find something like that, that didn't come in an aerosol can, however.

With canned foams, I kind of just go by residual slickness. They all have excellent foam and cushion. In fact if using a cart, I need to thin them down. They are fine straight away for DE or SE.

I prefer ones in which the foam leaves enough residual slickness that I can make a touchup here or there over an area that was just shaved and let the razor glide without the application of additional foam. Some brands leave the skin almost grabby. The Noxema in the Red can falls into that camp for me. Prorasso and Foamy are better. Gotta give one of my flavors of Barbasol another try, I can't remember how it did.
I shaved with Barbasol Skin Conditioner the other day on a second pass when I was getting a crappy shave out of VDH and an old horsehair brush. The Barbasol made up for a multitude of sins in the Shark blade I was using. I could barely feel the blade and it was very slick. I just spread it around with a brush like regular shave cream. It turned a lousy shave into a close shave with only a bit of irritation, which is pretty much a miracle when you get a rough new blade.
Gillette has released their Gillette Series Gel with a new scent, both the scent and performance are definitely an improvement. The cans with the smooth metal bottoms without the sticker material are the new cans
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