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Favorite Fall Soap


What is your favorite shaving soap to use in the fall that gives you the autumn feeling? Do you have a favorite falls scent you're looking forward to?

In my case I am excited for Barrister and Mann's Hallows to release this year.
There is another thread named "Favorite Fall Soaps". Since that thread already has quite a few responses, I suggest you go there rather than continue this thread.


you'll find a bunch of great suggestions here:
Since "fall" here is a mythical creature that does not usually appear until Christmas, if then, I suppose my favorite fall soaps would be . . . the ones I use the rest of the time. I'd love to have crisp fall nights and cool days, frost on my windows, actual golden leaves falling. Instead I get sweat and more hurricanes.
RR Tuscan Oud
PAA Ciderhouse 5
Proraso Red
Nuavia Red
B&M Dickens & Nocturne & Classic Reserve
Tiki Pumpkin Lager
WK Monaco Royale
Trumpers Spanish Leather
Skullbuster for the Love of Leather
Chiseled Face Civet
CBL Insurgent
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