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Favorite EDC knive

Mountain Grown

I am lucky enough to live within 30 minutes of the factory and showroom in Golden Colorado. If you ever get a chance to go it's really a cool experience. I totally agree on the quality of Spyderco knives, top notch. I own a para military in with camo colored scales that is in my fishing/camping bag..
I carried a Delica for many, many years. I really like the PM2 now.
I have a Cold Steel Voyageur that a friend gave me. Its huge in comparison but actually carries pretty well.
I have a few dozen, ranging from Victorinox and Wenger Swiss knives in various configurations and scale materials, through assorted traditional pocket knives in various patterns, from various countries, to pocket clipped (non-locking) one hand opening folders. I tend not to carry locking blades, even though I do own a few. Just personal preference. If I need something stronger, I skip the "wannabe" and go straight for a fixed blade.

As to the favourite, that's whatever I'm in the mood for, that fits the day ahead.
These two. Camillus 72 Carpenter’s Whittler and Spyderco Pacific Salt gen 1 with Razor Edge Knives straight spine mod.



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Where I live carrying pretty much any knife is illegal, so I carry the least scary looking, least likely to cause someone to dob me into the cops models I can find. Currently that is a Victorinox Bantam, attached to my keys. It just has the two tools I use most, a main blade and a bottle opener.