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Favorite D.R. Harris scent

Windsor by far, although I don't mind any of them. I get tired of Arlington easily. I don't love that type of Almond scent. But, none are offensive and they are pretty subtle, so I could live with any of them if need be.
I'm convinced about Windsor. Anyone care to elaborate on Almond? I have heard it's neutral, OTOH, I have also heard it's like wet cardboard. :sleep:
Arlington is one of my favorite scents regardless of brand. I used it today for the first time in 2-3 weeks. After 3 straight days of using MWF the bright scent was nice.

Almond has a woody + floral scent, it is weaker in strength than Arlington so it is harder to pick up all the notes and describe it. But I think I like it better than the Lavender, at least for this time of the year. I have not tried the other scents yet.
I have 4 DRHarris soaps in my rotation.
Arlington is bright and fresh.
Windsor is a citrus/peppery/woody cologne scent.
Sandalwood is a beautifully refined scent, one of my favorites!
Marlborough is a warm, heavy wood scent.

I'm convinced about Windsor. Anyone care to elaborate on Almond? I have heard it's neutral, OTOH, I have also heard it's like wet cardboard. :sleep:
The almond is very subtle but really nice! Smells like bitter almond, not almond flower.
I used D.R. Harris Almond again today. I am still trying to figure out the scent, as it is unfamilar. I do not agree with the wet cardboard comment other than to agree that it might be in the same city or state...but not in the same ballpark or suburb. I find it more floral without being feminine.

Another way to describe this soap is that it does not smell like soap in the same way that MWF, Williams, Arko, or Ivory bath soap smells like "soap". The Almond has a distinctive smell, but the scent is weak and fairly neutral. I think it might appeal to someone who either does not like a strong scent, or has a lot of scents in rotation and wants to add something different.
DR Harris Almond is by far my favorite of the ones I've tried (comparing to Arlington and Marlborough). It's very subdued, and will be instantly covered over by any other scent, to the point where i didn't think it was scented at first. The only other almond scent I've experienced is Cella, which is much sweeter and cloying than DR Harris. I usually rotate between soaps, but this is one of the few that I could see myself happily using for an extended period.

All three of these scents I've tried are very different. Marlborough was my least favorite of the three, and in general, I don't enjoy heavily woody scents, so my preference may skew in a different direction than yours.
After going through all their shaving soaps (and splashes), my favourites are Windsor, Arlington and Almond.

Windsor: modern cologne, with pepper, orange, vetiver, suede, wood.

Arlington: classic cologne, bright lemon and "fern."

Almond: Eau de Quinine.

(Have yet to try the new D. R. Harris No.14 scent.)
Marlborough fan here.

windsor is on my list.......just hope not too much citrus. can handle if its rounded out with other scents as well.

Of the three Harris soaps in my rotation: Arlington is my favorite followed by Windsor and then Marlborough. To my nose Marlborough is a very nice scent, just not that strong IMO. But they all perform very well, which is the most important thing!
Almond is my favorite. Then Arlington, which will always represent wet shaving for me. Windsor is good as well.
Arlington is #1 for me. Windsor and Marlborough are fine scents, but it's Arlington that stands head and shoulders in the D.R. Harris universe.
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