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So I have "enough" brushes (not near as many as a lot of you fine folks). Ive got two beautifyl customs, one silver tip and one black badger, I've got some other nice badger brushes, but I find myself reaching for my Omega Boar that I got at Shoppers Drug Mart for $16 80% of the time.

Do any of you multiple brush owners find you like a cheaper "generic" brush over the more ornate pieces in your collection?
Not so much for me. I'm the opposite. I reach for my luxury brushes almost exclusively. On rare occasions I will dig out the B&B boar for a change of pace And I do enjoy it. I just find that I prefer my others. That said, my checking account wishes I preferred the less pricey brushes...

That's the beauty of this wet shaving thing, we can all choose to use whatever we prefer or whatever matches our mood on any given day.

Enjoy your shaves!
My favorite badger is a homemade 20mm Shavemac DO-1 three band fan and I have a couple homemade short lofted Omega boars that I like quite a bit. No real favorites though, I enjoy a little variety. I could be very content just using boars and have used them for many years.
My favorite brush is my Group Buy M & F blonde badger, alias The Chief. It gets more use than the rest of my brushes put together. Soft, great flow through, just a great all around brush.
Generally speaking no - but I have a brush with an older (2011/2012) 30mm TGN knot that is in a league of its own. It blows away the current Finest x-hair knots, and even the new Finest F2. I would take that brush over anything in my collection < $175.
I love my boar brushes - first, a B&B Essentials and now a Semogue SOC. I also really like my Muhle silvertip fiber, which I assume feels much like a silvertip badger. I actually prefer my boar - it's soft but with a nice backbone that feels like a facial massage. I now use the Muhle as my travel brush and my "shaving in a hurry" brush when I've forgotten to soak my boar.
My favorite is a vintage Ever Ready 750 "Pure Badger" that belonged to my late dad. It is gentle on my face, still quite dense, seldom sheds, lathers beautifully -- and of course there is the element of sentiment.

I suspect that, for Ever Ready, "Pure Badger" was a statement of origin, not of grade. I have noted different qualities identified as "Pure Badger", and sometimes no identification on the handle as badger at all. This one approaches a silver tip, in appearance and performance.
I love the density & backbone of the Simpson Chubby.
Works the bowl or palm lathering like a champ and face lathering is nice as well.
I've read a lot of people not liking this brush due to the handle - no issues with it here.

I've had two other less expensive brushes that either shed a ton or were light on density & backbone.
The low cost brushes seemed to be a stepping stone for me.
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The best brush I've tried so far is a TGN Finest 24mm / 48 mm XH restore I did. I actually prefer it to a Rooney 1/2, Chubby 2 Super and Duke 3 that I've tried.

Perfect backbone, softness and density IMO.

I only have one, so for me its the best brush out there :tongue_sm. I know there are better, but it is my first brush. i got it 2 weeks ago. Its the AOS fine badger, its decent and lathers well on my face; considering me being new to wet shaving and all...
It depends on the mood I'm in for any given day. There are two that I seldom pick up, all of the rest have their good points and I enjoy each of them in their own way. Sometimes I want the luxury of a 30mm Silvertip and will take the time to load it up. Sometimes I want to use a harder soap and choose a smaller stiffer brush to get the lather I want without taking forever.
My favorite brush of all time was the Semogue 1305. Although I have many more expensive boars and upscale badgers, the 1305 seemed to be the one I reached for most of the time over the 4 years that I used it.

Alas, after a long and glorious run, the 1305 started to give up the ghost after 3.5 years. It lost a lot of its water-holding ability, and the backbone got soft. I tried cleaning and shampooing it, and that restored a bit of the water-holding, but the backbone remained too floppy. So I put it up to retirement and got a 620 as a replacement.

The 620 is nice, but a tad too scritchy for me, and the knot is not as dense as the 1305. I keep using it, but longing for the near perfect softness of the 1305. Maybe next year I'll get an 830 which has the same knot. I do wish that Semogue made a knot with 90% tops that was the size of the 620, but if they do, I haven't been able to find it.
I use a restored Rubberset with a TGN finest badger installed. I like using it so much that I sold all of my other brushes.:001_smile
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