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Favorite Blade in the Tech

Hi guys. What is your favorite blade to use in a Tech razor? Which blade performs the best in it? For me it’s the GSB followed closely by the Gillette Yellow. Sharper blade plus mild razor works for me. And I’ve read here that many shavers in the forum here feel the same way.
I’m looking forward to your replies. Thanks!

Depends on your beard/face/technique, but I don't find it to be a very fussy razor when it comes to blades. PolSilver SI works for me.



Personna Israeli Platinum Red, Personna Med Prep, Feather also work well.

Need to try Nacet and Wizamet SI.

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Techs are not especially fussy for me! My top 5 (in no particular order):
GSB (that I used in a Tech clone this AM)
Astra SP
Personna lab
Personna red
Last week & into this week, I'm shaving with a Pre War Tech & a Post War Tech. I swap blades between them daily. The BIC Platinum completed shave #7 and looks to be good for a few more smooth shaves. The Astra SP gave up after 5 smooth shaves & was replaced by a GSB that has 1 shave on it.

I'm using my Noxzema Blend Pre Shave, and a Cremo + Power Stick Shave Gel blend.
Shark Chrome blades are also smooth and good for at least 6 smooth shaves when using the pre shave.
I’ve just loaded a Rapira PL into my 1962 Ball End Tech. Will use it for the next shave. Been awhile since I’ve used a PL.


For me Feathers or Voskhod work really well in my Techs. Funnily enough running a close third would be the good old Indian Wilkinson Sword.
In a new to me ball end tech. Dropped in a gillette Yellow. The blade had 4 shaves in a Schick Krona, got 9 more shaves in the tech. Am on a Slim with Voshkhod now. Will go back to the tech and probably get another 3 shaves out of the blade.
Very smooth razor, with a sharp blade can shave with anything. Have tried conditioner, Yardley soap and plain olive oil, works with anything including the usual shaving cream I use.