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Favorite AS/ASB cocktail?

How common is it to mix AS(s) and ASB(s)?
I've read about Floid Blue mixed with 444 and I quickly became a fan of that mix.
Recently I have started to mix Lucido with 444. I like this even better than the Blue/444 cocktail, especially when I either have gotten a bit too aggressive or was too sloppy (typically when in a hurry) and I have left myself a bit raw in places.
Are there any other established AS/ASB cocktails out there?
What's your favorite?
I'd like to try more that I know won't spontaneously combust once I put it on my face, so warn me of any known possible lethal combos.
I'm cheap. I like Barbasol Pacific Rush Splash and Barbasol Pacific Rush AS Balm. I also like Nivea Cool Kick and Osage Rub together.
Vitos "Ice" mixed with 444 (face freezing winter wonderland)

4711 mixed with La Famiglia Don Marco (fruit loops gone wild)

Both are great for these hot hot Florida days.
Osage Rub mixed with Clinique Post Shave Healer
sometimes Proraso AS Splash mixed with EMJ Post Shave Lotion Unscented
Ah, I see a few Osage Rub mentions. I have been trying to hunt that famous (or is is infamous?) O Rub down via brick&mortar but no such luck yet. From what I have read about it, it sounds like a real face freezer and that had me thinking it would be a great component in a cocktail.
I've also been eye-balling that Vitos freezer too.
Though not quite the "cocktail" you describe, during the summer months, I like to use Myrsol Special K then follow that a couple of minutes later with Momma Bear Iced Summer AS Milk. A nice frosty combination to combat the summer heat.
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