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Faulty Moka Pot?

Hi all,

I purchased a Moka pot from TK-Maxx yesterday. It's probably a crap brand - Andorra. It's a 9 cup version, so it's quite large.

I used it yesterday, and although the water was boiling, the coffee was bubbling up VERY slowly and was taking forever (10-15 mins) to even full up 2cm of the chamber.

I've used one a few times on holiday, and my experience is that once the water is hot enough, the coffee will fill up pretty quick, with a distinctive sound.

So, I guess mine is faulty. Maybe it's the valve, maybe not enough pressure is building up?

Nope - I didn't tightly pack it. Was a normal grind too.

I'm going to return it, have just ordered a Bialetti! :biggrin:
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