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Fauldings Shave Cream

I tried it for the first time today and was surprised that a $2.50 tube of shave cream could that good. I'm not a huge fan of the scent haha but every other aspect was pretty decent and its available everywhere here in Australia.
No.....Sanofi-Aventis bought out Fauldings about 5-6 years back.They did not purchase the name however from Symbion ,who owned the Fauldings name,a name passed down from British chemists that made cosmetics,tooth pastes,shave cream,lotion etc.You can still find the old porcelain Fauldings pot lids sometimes. It may be the same formula,but the real Fauldings always said "Faulding" on the tube.


Well if they never changed the formula when they took over, then it's still Fauldings formula.
I hope so !..The only way to tell is do a side by side shave comparison with the current Shave tube and the old Fauldings Shave tube.I liked the scent a lot,the lather was not great,but I only had one tube,it was runny,so it may have been exposed to too much heat or cold.
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'Fauldings' Shave is a must in the cabinet, love that barbershop coconut smell and it always works up a great lather for me. I see lots of it around now especially in the Chemist Warehouse. Speaking of which I saw GEM single edge blades hanging up in the shaving area in my local Chemist Warehouse the other day (but no DE blades).

Fauldings in winter rotated with Mennen menthol shave cream in summer... just about brings a tear to my eye thinking of shaving in the heat of summer with menthol as a young lad
I've had a tube for a couple of years, as i bought it out of curiosity from Coles, or Woolies, or some other local store. I was very pleasantly surprised by how solid it was, and i really enjoyed the scent to. I haven't used this in a long time now...so this post has again sparked my curiousity! I'll have to try it again soon :)

Good post :)
When I get some more disposable income I'm going to PIF a tube of this, a tube of Palmolive and a Palmolive stick to our international shaving bretheren. Faulding's is most certainly the best of the three though, with it's insanely pungent lavender scent and performance that knocks out products costing up to 10 times a much (in Australia, at least)


The Aussie Basshole
It is great stuff. Should be more of it in use. Still around the $3.00 mark here in Australia. Just thought that I would bring this to our attention again.
I was a regular user of this shaving cream until I started SR shaving. For me it then just didn't cut the mustard.

My latest wet shaving "monster" bought a tube of it a couple of days ago and he loves it for his DE shaving.
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