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Fatip slant OC vs fatip slant safety bar (closed comb)

Just curious where these fall in aggressiveness and efficiency compared to my mk1 and mk2 fatips and schone razor? Or to other brands if that makes it easier.
Only have the OC slant and also have an OC mk2 grande. It feels much more smooth and milder than the mk2, yet more efficient, less tugging with a lot less blade feel to me. The grande was a little aggressive more of a special occasion razor, whereas I have the used the slant a lot.
I have the Schone & it shaves fairly smooth for me. I always get a close comfortable shave with the Schone safety bar razor.


I have the open comb version...have no experience with the safety bar version. The only thing I can say is...I'm not someone who has ever bought an open comb razor. My whiskers just don't require an open comb. So buying the open comb version of this slant razor was a serious stretch for me. But I found that it wasn't too aggressive or harsh at all. In fact, it's quite smooth and pleasant to shave with.
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