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    Thank you @mawashi

  1. My quest was to help my buddy get the best darn razor. Friends don't let friends try junk lol!

    Although, now that you have officially joined the BOSC, you've officially gone off the deep end rofl!
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  2. Nice fix on the Fatip tolerances, Prof! And very BOSCworthy!! :punk:
  3. @mawashi

    After 3 nice shaves with a Feather, 3 nice shaves with a GSB, I loaded the Piccilo with a Nacent tonight, whipped up a nice Mike's Natural Soap Lime lather with my new S-Omega brush and proceeded to get one of the most comfortable shaves since I started this crazy DE journey.

    I will never go back to an electric razor again...................

    Many thanks
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  4. Thats actually pure genius.

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  5. Buddy you're most welcomed and don't ever say electric razor again. Those words should never be uttered together... Shiver lol!

    A Piccolo and Nacet... Match made in heaven.

    Btw, I hope the semogue has finally broken in?
  7. Ad Astra

    Ad Astra Ambassador

    Pic today, Pic yesterday - Pic tomorrow!

    Mo' betta on the new titanium handle!

    Despite the minute thread difference, it works.

  8. @mawashi, you could not have said it better, tonight was day 2 on the Nacet and it felt even more comfortable, yes I said comfortable......
    I felt the 1800 break-in during the shower----->AKA the Mawashi Boar Break-In Method, it is now my softest brush.
    The White Knight still lathers better.........And yes, I used both brushes tonight.......

    Happy Shaves
    Prof 20190408_145727.jpg
  9. SOTD:
    A great shave today! I forgot how much i love the fatip and how great that thing shaves! The arko is absolutely fantastic. I'll definitely need to get one of those shave stick tubes for arko fro traveling, but at this point its one of the soaps i use the most, such great value for money and the stick lasts so long!

    Razor: fatip piccolo
    Blade: feather hi-stainless (19)
    Soap: arko shave stick
    Aftershave: aqueous and tea tree oil mix with brut by faberge applied afterwards.

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  10. Whats that Omega like? I have an omega 49 on the way to replace my crappy supermarket synthetic which started shedding like crazy! Lol

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  11. HALLELUJAH... The skies have parted and rainbows appear with little fat cherubs bearing gifts of after shave, soaps and oils made from incense and myrrh float about you lol!

    It's Magic lol!
  12. Hang on... Aren't those ETs and not a Piccolo in that photo...?

    Buddy how could you, this is a Piccolo Lovers Thread rofl!!!
  13. @matthewoli98 the Omega is a s100005 synthetic I just got for $11. FIrst time out of it's tube it whipped up a lather of Mike's Natural soaps in no time at all and felt silky smooth on my face. It is very springy, I guess that means it has good backbone. It is small enough to get lather under my nose and not in it. Lol
  14. Ah, the ET, all the way from Athens, is patiently awaiting it's turn in the rotation. The 67 M4 Tech is sulking as the Piccolo took it's place in line.
    Besides, I took that picture before the Piccolo arrived. 20190416_222821.jpg

    We good now? Lol
  15. Cal

    Cal Contributor

    Thank heavens. MUCH BETTER! :001_cool:

    We have nothing against aliens... but NOT ON THIS THREAD please! :hand:
  16. Perfect lol!

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