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Fatip Open Combs Slant F.O.C.S. Blade Alignment La Storto

Recently, I pulled my FOCS out of the retirement drawer and discovered serendipitously that the RazoRock Bulldog handle suits it. I had issues with being able to judge the orientation of the stock FOCS handle for shaving direction. Normally one would use the head, but with the FOCS you need to use the handle. The large, long and heavy Bulldog handle allows me to better judge this visually and by feel. Recommended!

However, this led to questions of blade alignment and blade exposure. If I just just drop the blade onto the cap and screw it on (as instructed by Fatip on their website), there a a very large blade reveal difference on each side and the more blade exposure on the lower corners where there is less blade support.

Cal recommends that one have the blade aligned so that there is more blade exposure on the high ends (which have more blade support) and less blade exposure on the low end (which have less blade support) as stated here. I gotta say, I gave his way a go and is was smooth sailing. Worked well. Is this the best way?

What are your thoughts on aligning the blades on a FOCS? Any old heads who know The Way?

(Making this a separate post from others to allow targeted answers and be more searchable for future users).
That’s the way it aligns naturally. Just put the blade in and look at it before you tighten it all the way. Adjust it ever so slightly, if you have to, to get both sides even. Just like the picture (cross corners should be the same).
Love my FOCS.
No biggie, same as the FIAT ( fix it again tony)

FATIP ( Fix Aliment Tony's Italian Prevention)

Also Italian
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