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Fatip Gold Grande Long Term Use and Review

Fatip Gold Grande Long Term Use and Review


The Game Changer .068OC was a memorable first shave. It was my first open comb shave. I purchased the Yaqi Mellon and the Gold Grande, shortly after. Closed comb razors wouldn’t be used again. The three open comb razors could fight it out for dominance. Reviewing my early postings, the Grande, I pegged for third position. The Grande obliterated the competition quickly and handily. I needed answers. Being very new and not understanding any of the design or specs Mike @Esox took me under his wing. Blade rigidity, blade exposure, blade gap were explained, and discussed. Mike threw in great pictures with lines and comparisons with Gillette’s New SC. An understanding of why and how started to jell.

Postings before and after in post below has Mikes explanations and great pics with bonus lines, defining differences.

GC.68OC, GOLD GRANDE, YAQI CHROME MELLON - A JOURNEY - https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/gc-68oc-gold-grande-yaqi-chrome-mellon-a-journey.585819/post-10704545

My big takeaway.

Esox said:
My Grande outperforms every other DE razor I've used because of the generous blade exposure, the rigid design and the short guard span distance. There is no other razor I'm aware of, modern or vintage, that combines those three design elements.

Big relief for me. There were soaps, blades, brushes and a bunch of other stuff all new to me. Getting one item in my shave for stability would be the Grande. The foundation of my shave. Early Grande use became noticeably better with each shave. Always on the edge of amazement with the Grande’s available performance. Almost three years of use and I have come to enjoy and accept. If there is a limit to the Grande’s operational envelope. I have no idea where it is. The Grande is an efficient high performance razor.

I honestly wonder now if my three pass face and head shave could have morphed and reduced to a single pass shave. Without the Grande. Learning and developing shave technique while pushing the Grande and finding more efficiency’s became my routine shaves. The three pass shave went to two and then very quickly to a one pass. I always felt a high degree of confidence and it wasn’t long before the razor demanded a sharper blade. The single use Feather’s brought accelerated performance in efficiency and comfort. The Grande is a great head shaver as well. Developing technique using the same razor in my mind is an advantage. My shock not that far out of carts. All my shaves were BBS which were not common with my cart shaves.

I wouldn’t call the Grande a beginner’s razor. Little technical mistakes are not overlooked. The weight and balance of the razor is perfection for me. A8D7C402-D983-49CD-B205-B17EB2E3F6BB.jpeg
The teeth are nicely rounded and smooth. Excellent for comfort and mobility. I use short quick strokes. Finding and maintaining the angles for steep and shallow strokes is intuitive. Transitioning between shallow and steep during a stroke is smooth and seamless. I use this stroke on my head shave. Buffing is efficient and quickly accomplished with little effort. From my early uses to my last shave. The Fatip Gold Grande has and continues to be a very exciting razor for me. Not being able to see or feel it’s performance limitations exhilarates me. I continue to improve my technique with enjoyment and pleasure. I look forward to every Grande shave.

Mike @Esox said:
“I like a razor that suits me and my technique. I want the razor to match me and how I want to shave. I dont want to match the razor, although I can if need be.”

Totally agree with you Mike. Some of us are lucky and fortunate enough to find the One.

Forgot to mention. Blade alignment before use should always be checked. Sometimes corrective adjustment is required. It’s rumoured that there are cosmetic defects on some Fatips. Mine looks beautiful to me. 🙂
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